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P3DO pro 2.9 R3
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January 21, 2022

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May 13, 2021

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January 21, 2022 - P3DO 2.9 R3

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December 28, 2004 - P3DO Explorer 1.7.5 is available

P3DO Explorer 1.7.5 pro and 1.7.5 freeware are now available.

1.7.5 freeware
 - New Folders Tree
 - Poser Props and Hairs 3D viewer
 - Texture mapping
 - Cartoon shading
 - Open Poser files into Poser (coming soon)
 - Spawn Poser python scripts into Poser (coming soon)
 - Tiled picture preview
 - Rsr2Png plugin update (fix blank png rule changed)
 - ZipExplorer plugin update (now display Zip content in Information tree)

1.7.5 pro (including the above)
 - Zip through viewer and thumbnails for all supported pictures (minus Tiff and The Sims)
 - ZipInstaller plugin

PoserPython plugin (available next week) Since last news there were some great changes in the 1.7.5 features list. I've been contacted by Tromnek who found the way to open Poser files directly from P3dO (I've been working on this myself but was not that successfull).
Thank to Tromnek 1.7.5 includes a last minute but very important feature: Open Poser files directly from P3dO, and also fire Poser Python scripts directly from P3dO.
There are some limitations but this is nothing compared to what it brings. To complete 1.7.5 a PoserPython plugin is under contruction, that will be released in January. On that occasion I will also publish a tutorial on how it works.
A big bravo to Tromnek.

ZipInstaller plugin Another mostly Poser dedicated plugin although this one can be used for classic unzipping.
This 3D software dedicated unzipper gives the ability to customize destination file path (name and path), check and fix 3D files relationships (3D file related to its textures), check collision between zipped files and destination files.
ZipInstaller is an easy intuitive installer for Poser 3D :
 - Quick selection of Poser runtimes
 - Compare and fixes Zip archive folder hierachy and Zipped Poser file paths
 - Ability to customize the installation by renaming the files before unzipping
 - Ability to preview picture files in the zip
 - Basic undoing of the installation
 - Checks for collision (files already existing)
 - List files belonging to a Poser figure, scene,... file

At last 1.7.5 was released. I spent all the October month working on a coming character animation system for P3dO. I didn't achieved any showable result but In the end character animation is certainly next to come feature in P3dO.
Also coming soon are High resolution digital pictures formats (Hdr and OpenExr) and also Renderware 3D support. I will talk about those shortly.
Next week there will be a plugin update with the new PoserPython plugin.
Happy new year

October 23, 2004 - P3dO Explorer pro 1.7.5 (wip)

I have been working hard on P3dO 1.7.5 for nearly one month. Unfortunately I spent a lot of time on the coming character animation system, so there's not much to show. It's not lost time but I'm affraid 1.7.5 will be delayed a little (still planned in November).

September 10, 2004 - P3dO Explorer pro 1.7.2 available

P3dO pro 1.7.2 is now available to registered users.
This update includes:
 - Zip through viewer for 3D files
 - Zip through viewer and thumbnails for JPEG images
 - Texture mapping for Poser files (free)
 - Zip through Texture mapping for Poser files
 - New much more comfortable Folders Tree (free)
 - A bonus update to Rsr2Png plugin (fix blank png rule changed)
Plus the usual bunch of misc features like a tiled picture preview, ability to display all files and/or folders in thumbnail view.
Cartoon shader rendering mode which was scheduled with 1.7.2 will be part of next update. Sorry.
Registered users should log in and go to their account history page (order page) to find the download link to 1.7.2.
A public download for P3dO pro will be available in october, as there's currently no demo for P3dO pro this will just do what the freeware P3dO does - plus latest free features.

Next update to P3dO pro in november with the hot ZipInstaller plugin for Poser - Prepare for an outstanding plugin.
Most free features will be available with P3dO 1.8 (freeware) in December, PZ3 viewer will remain paying till 2.0 in March (at least).

September 4, 2004 - P3dO Explorer pro 1.7.2 (beta) available

Here it is 1.7.2. P3dO pro first update is now available to registered users. Final release next saturday.
This update includes:
 - Zip through viewer for 3D files
 - Zip through viewer and thumbnails for JPEG images
 - Texture mapping for Poser files (free)
 - New much more comfortable Folders Tree (free)

Plus the usual bunch of misc features like a tiled picture preview, ability to display all files and/or folders in thumbnail view.

August 27, 2004 - P3dO Explorer pro 1.7.2 announced

P3dO pro 1.7.2 will be available on september 4th.
This release includes:
 - Zip through viewer for 3D files
 - Zip through viewer and thumbnails for JPEG images
 - Texture mapping for Poser files (free)
 - New much more comfortable Folders Tree (free)

3D Zip through viewer is of course the major new feature for 1.7.2. This also includes the ability to load textures and geometries directly from the Zip.
This versatile new function is a great time saver for selecting stuff in your 3D archives. It will be completed in october with ZipInstaller plugin that will end up the process for you.
Free features will be available with P3dO 2.0 (freeware) in november.
Next update to P3dO pro in november.

August 15, 2004 - Preparing P3dO Explorer pro 1.7.2 update

P3dO pro will be updated by the end of the month. This release includes:
 - New much more comfortable Folders Tree (free)
 - Zip through viewing for 3D files
 - Texturing for Poser files (free)

July 1, 2004 - P3dO Explorer pro on the shelves

Today is the grand opening of our online store with the first time shipping of P3dO Explorer pro. For as low as 19.95$ (limited time offer) get an even more powerful P3dO.
Compared to P3dO freeware P3dO pro has more features and will be updated more often.
P3dO pro 1.7 has 5 more features than P3dO freeware : Poser 3D viewing, Rsr2Png working on subfolders, Pattern renamer working on subfolders, ability to name severall layouts, rotation of jpeg photos. Please read more on the P3dO Explorer pro page.
Also note that some paying features will be given for free with P3dO 2.0 : these are Poser 3D viewing and rotation of jpeg photos. While of course even more features will be added to the pro version like: zip through 3D viewer, zip through image viewer, red eye fixing, pictures filters.

May 4, 2004 - Back to work on P3dO 1.7 pro

added vertex smoothing, 3D options and working on a cartoon look. Also working on image rotation.
P3dO 1.7 pro should be available by the end of the month. Serious stuff for P3dO 2.0 will begin in june.

April 19, 2004 - P3dO 1.7 is available

April 21st, 2000 was P3dO 1.0 released. For its 4th anniversary P3dO cross a new step.
Now P3dO is a 3D viewer able to display Wavefront Objects, more are coming soon. With 1.7 the Awk Poser parser has also been significantly improved, and it also does Poser compressed files.
Although the 3D viewer is a bit poor compared to other 3D viewers, those who know P3dO for long can imagine that it will improve steadily. Currently it lacks Vertex smoothing, texturing and some basic light functions.
1.7 mainly focused on 3D but a lot of minor thingies have been modified with 1.7. Drag'n Drop has been fixed, new popup menu in the thumbnail grid, layout docking Windows improved, new options, faster thumbnail viewer, and overall a much better P3dO.
P3dO 2.0 is scheduled in October with a lot of goodies both Photo and 3D.
~ ~ ~
Next step is to ship out P3dO Explorer pro 1.7 a paying version of P3dO Explorer, price will be about 25$ tax free. P3dO Explorer pro 1.7 will come in May with Poser files 3D viewing and more capabilities on Pattern Renamer and Rsr2Png plugins.
Although it is mainly a Poser oriented paying version - the pro picture stuff will come in october - anyone is welcome to support P3dO.
First P3dO pro update (with better Poser viewing and texturing) is scheduled in June.

April 9, 2004 - P3dO 1.7 (beta) is available

As things were going better than expected, I decided to upload beta today.
I'm out for the week end and won't reply before tuesday but don't hesitate to report problems. This is a beta and I'm waiting for feedbacks.

April 5, 2004 - P3dO 1.7 (beta) is coming next week

1.7 public beta will be available here next monday. As for a beta people are asked to report for any problem and to use it at their own risk.
Last week we tested the P3dO 1.7 (alpha), and I think we made pretty good job. I'm quite happy of the result we achieved with the most stable P3dO ever.
P3dO 1.7 includes a lot of small improvements since 1.6.5, AWK information tree has been completed, the docking windows interface has been improved, drag'n drop has been fixed, new options has been added, and P3dO is significantly faster.
The most visible addon is the 3D viewer. P3dO Explorer 1.7 will just have a Wavefront object viewer. P3dO Explorer pro 1.7 will have a Poser files viewer (with some limitations, read below) but with a PZ3 viewer and a more complete Rsr2Png and Pattern Renamer. Poser viewing will be free with 2.0, time for me to add more stuff to P3dO pro.
P3dO Explorer 1.7 (beta) will be available on saturday 10th.
P3dO Explorer 1.7 will be available on monday 19th.
P3dO Explorer pro 1.7 will be available by the end of the month.
~ ~ ~
Limitations to 3D viewing are currently: no vertex smothing, no texturing. Both coming soon.
P3dO 1.7 offers no warrantly that Poser files will show exactly like they do in Poser. Anyway, most Poser files show ok. This was the goal I had for 1.7. I will of course improve the engine steadily.

March 24, 2004 - P3dO 1.7 alpha will ship out this week

An alpha is the very last private release of a software version (just before the beta). 1.7 alpha will be mailed to a limited number of users this week.
I still have to track some bugs but 1.7 is now ready for service.
The 3D viewer has the ability to preview most Poser 3D files: .PZ3, .PZZ, .CR2, .CRZ, .HR2, .HRZ, .PP2, .PPZ with morphs as well as wavefont objects .OBJ.
The viewer has the ability to display wireframed and flat shaded polygons, but it lacks smoothed polygons and texturing (both coming with 1.8 in june).
Get ready for P3dO 1.7 beta, coming asap.
~ ~ ~
Be also forewarned that P3dO 1.7 will be shareware, this is a break from previous policy but now there will be both a freeware - P3dO Explorer - and a shareware version - P3dO Explorer pro. 3D viewing will be free starting with 1.8, time for us to add more stuff to the pro version.
P3dO Explorer is not a demo of P3dO Explorer pro, it is still the same genuine freeware you're used too. No offer to buy, no demoware, but a full featured freeware viewer.

March 10, 2004 - P3dO 1.7 news

This morning P3dO displayed the first PZ3 preview, a great day.
I'm working on the 3D Poser viewer. The viewer will have Morph and Material support for Figures, Props and Hairs files but no texturing - this will be for a May/June release.
This is because as I said last month, I don't want to postpone 1.7 any longer. As the OpenGL 3D engine is new to P3dO there will be a pre-release beta to check that the engine is suitable to most PCs.
I think the Poser loader will be finished by monday, then I'll release an alpha for a limited number of users, then I'll prepare the beta.

February 21, 2004 - A new screenshot from P3dO 1.7

The 1.7 release is now in good shape, the 3D viewer still needs some improvements but the Wavefront viewer is ok. P3dO is now able to 3D preview the whole Poser 4 geometries.
Soon I'll add Poser Figures, Props and Hairs to the list.
I still have to finish lightnings, texturing and morphing and many other details. A lot to do. I'm affraid 1.7 won't be available until another four weeks.
Whatever the state 1.7 won't be delayed any longer, since I want to have enough time to prepare P3dO 2.0 (September 2004). So please visit us in march for P3dO Explorer 1.7.

January 15, 2004 - 2004 is the year for P3dO

In 2004 we decided to greatly enhance our freeware image viewer P3dO Explorer.
As said last month a new paying image viewer will come : Thumbset 1.0 is scheduled in February.
Thumbset is not a new software, it is a paying P3dO, but P3dO Explorer is not a demo of Thumbset, it will be the same freeware you're used to.
SENO will maintain and enhance both softwares, one for free.
To be fair toward paying users Thumbset will have more features than P3dO and will be updated more often, more quickly. Thumbset 1.0 won't be that different from P3dO 1.7 but it will have the tips that make the difference.
In September we will level up Thumbset and P3dO to 2.0.
I promise a stunning 2004 for all Thumbset|P3dO lovers.
~ ~ ~
Thumbset|P3dO project is steadily going forward, the 3D engine still the main working area. As can be seen in the hotspot section P3dO is now a 3D Teapot application too.