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January 21, 2022 - P3DO 2.9 R3

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January 27, 2006 - This is P3DO 1.8 !

The long run from 1.7.8 to 1.8 has come to an end. 1.8 is now available and this is a good, cute and useful update:

P3DO Explorer 1.8 has lots of improvements compared to previous releases:
- Faster 3D loader and more readable Awk tree
- Smooth Textures loading
- Improved Favorites management
- Rsr2Png update with better blank pictures fix
- New 3D engine with smoother navigation
- Vue d'esprit 5 thumbnails (Infinite support coming in January).
- PoserPython 1.8 with the latest Prpc opener for Poser. With support for Poser material collections and a new command : "Save from Poser", which saves the currently opened Poser Figure/Camera/light... into P3dO. Another great Poser library palette altenative.
The PoserPython extended plugin is now part of PoserPython, it is an option to set from P3dO's Options dialog.
- Other not so minor improvements like the address bar, customizable toolbars, a combo for the locate toolbar and show folders, show all files, stay on top, thumbnails quality, thumbnails text...
- Translated plugins & new setup for Poser plugins

Of course P3dO pro 1.8 comes with even more:
- Scene Manager : a thumbnailed grid that gathers content of 3D scene files scattered on your HD. Thus you can edit, rename, delete a 3D scene content with ease and save a lot of time. More... Scene Manager has an Explorer context menu, thus you can also Zip your Scene or send the entire content to any compatible application.
- Poser CR2/PZ3 Pose and conforming cloths support, Morphs are now close to Poser.
- Rsr2Png 1.8 with 2 new pro options. Selection for output format (24 or 32 bits) and ability to have RSR larger than standard 91x91. Width is still 91, but height can range up to 256 pixels.
- Favorites have been reworked and a Favorite dedicated plugin (PoserFavorite) is born. PoserFavorite will update the P3dO Favorites from your Poser runtimes. PoserFavorite has been designed to be quite comprehensive with your own disk organization and is even able to update over existing P3dO Favorites.
- Active worlds Renderware 3D viewing. This is the first of our other 3D formats support. Others will be available with P3dO 2.0.
- PoserWorkshop (coming in January) another new plugin with little Poser utilities. First utility is a runtime updater from Poser 5 to Poser 6, and reverse.
- CopyPath 1.8 plugin. CopyPath has been reworked and filtering options has been added. I recall that CopyPath is a plugin that copies the content of P3dO thumbnail grid and the content of current 3D scene to the clipboard.

...and now preparing P3dO 1.8.4, P3dO pro 1.8.4 will be available in March with Alpha Channeled preview, a Poser Poses/BVH viewer and thumbnails cache, Some more is planned but too early to tell.
Then another update in May will bring more 3D files formats and features.