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January 21, 2022 - P3DO 2.9 R3

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December 21, 2002 - P3DO 1.6 is now available

This release has a standard selection in the thumbnail view, Image preview and zoom improved, Poser 5 runtimes added to Go To menu, Poser material (.mt5, mz5) file format added, and much more.
We (the SENO team) found that 1.6 is a pleasant software to use.
Some new file formats plugins (TheSims and Carrara) will be added in a plugin pack by the end of the month.
A new feature to be added asap is 3D viewing. The 3D viewer based on our See3D viewer is to come just after the 2 plugins above, that is to say January or February.

The newsletter is now up on the P3dO page. We will send a mail for each P3dO major and intermediary release to help you keep your P3dO up to date.

Special thank to Michael Schalla, Lilwolff and Enrique Quezada that tested the beta last ten days, their effort contributed to make it a stable release.

December 7, 2002 - Here it is P3dO 1.6 beta

Believe me, 1.6 is a cute and well working release. It has severall new features like a new selection, a new image plugin, Poser material file format added to the Poser list, improved zoom and preview windows, improved Go To menu, and more.
Some features are missing in the beta (Tiff viewing has been disabled and will come back shortly), so some plugins will complete it througout December : first a Twain plugin that will be available in 2 weeks, then Carrara and The SIMs file formats will be added asap.
The release itself - this is just the beta - on December 21th will include new Go To menu stuff.

A newsletter will soon be available. The object is to cover each major and intermediary P3dO updates - that is about 4 times a year now. Plugins updates won't be mailed as they are more frequent and we don't want to spam you, but they will also be reported with the P3dO update mail.

November 16, 2002 - Rsr2Png plugin updated today

...with a brand new option: "Fix blank .png". You can now fix those nasty transparent pictures without effort and risk - for Rsr2Png leaves other .png untouched ;)
I recall that since previous release (1.0.5) Rsr2Png automatically fix transparent .png during conversion process.

Now, I'm working hard on P3dO 1.6 but I've still severall points that need to be improved.
1.6 will come with long awaited control click selection in the image view and also some improvements in the "Go To" menu related to Poser 5 runtimes. But not only: there is a "Slide from selection" option in the Browse menu, "Invert selection" in the Edit menu, the ability to change thumbnail size quickly, a "Startup Folder" option, an improved zoom window, an improved plugin system to prepare the 3D viewing, support for Poser compressed files in AWK plugin, a Twain plugin, an image converter plugin, a new translation system,...
In a word, this is a major version. Because of all those goodies I will need some beta testers, if you volunteer to test P3dO 1.6 please contact me. Tests are about to begin asap.

October 14, 2002 - No update in september

uh ? I feel as sorry as you are. Believe me I've been working hard, but unfortunately not on P3O.
Now, I feel very excited with all that WIP. Plugins will be uploaded out as soon as I finish them.
We begin with an update to the standard plugin pack (the plugins usually shipping with P3dO), that is:
- A bug fix to Pattern Renamer
- .PNG file format added to ZipExplorer thumbnailer
Next update is a 3D viewer for P3dO. That viewer will be an enhanced version of See3D, I don't mean the first release will Pose and be Poser perfect but we're on the way.
P3dO 1.6 with Poser 5 oriented features is on the way too.
Many updates in our cart this month, I promise.

I've also some work on the web site this month, I'm going to add more online information like bug list (and fix ;), updates content, newsletter and so and so...

August 31, 2002 - Working on 1.6

...and lots of goodies under construction...
I'm preparing 1.6, although most 1.6 addons will be plugin based. I'm working on severall plugins for 1.6 and above P3dOs:
- ZipExplorer with Zipping/Unzipping capabilities
- An image converter similar to Rsr2Png supporting .BMP,.JPEG,.GIF,.TIFF and.PNG
- A Twain plugin able to read scanner and digital cameras sources

Also under construction:
- PatRenamer with autonumber stuff
- Improved Awk with Poser file modification tools
- Bryce file format support (I'm looking for information on Bryce file format, if you have any info...)
- The SIMs character file format support
1.6 is planned in September.

August 15, 2002 - P3dO 1.5.5 is available for download

Latest release of P3dO Explorer is available for download. 1.5.5 is just the ultimate 1.5.4 update with the folder view back to work.
Now that P3dO is back to its normal state I can at last consider adding new stuff to it. 1.6 in september will have Zipping/Unzipping capabilities, a Twain reading plugin, and an enhanced image converter supporting several file formats.

August 6, 2002 - Awk 0.b.4, first update since December

This is a bug fix for Awk that crashed on some Material files, and others probably. Awk is a Poser dedicated plugin, it is distributed in the same package as Rsr2Png - updated recently.
Get Awk and Rsr2Png in the download section.

August 3, 2002 - 1.5.5 Announced

There are still annoying bugs with 1.5.4 (folder tree refresh and image zoom flicker) P3dO 1.5.5 will be available mid-August to fix those.

The promised Rsr2Png update is available in the download page. Rsr2Png 1.0.5 has been added a crop option to support Poser 4 91x91 picture dimension and has a new transparency rule that will avoid the use of the Invert Alpha Channel option. We announce Rsr2Png 1.2 with the ability to create custom sized .RSR (other than 91x91), Rsr2Png 1.2 will ship out with P3dO 1.6 in September

... and another update with Pattern Renamer next week. Counters support will be added to the plugin.

The SENO team is also preparing 2 new image plugins for September, a Scanner-Digital Camera plugin and an enhanced image converter that will be a Rsr2Png companion. The Twain plugin will be free of use, the converter will be in the shareware package.

btw I've updated the German translation thank to daCrazyDoc who volunteered and made it quick.

July 20, 2002

Translations for Dutch, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish have been uploaded in the download section.
I'm looking for volunteers for Portuguese, Spanish and Dutch translation. Just 2 hours work, no spam for further translation. Thank you for helping us doing P3DO a great soft, please drop me a line if you volunteer.

July 13, 2002 - Here it is... 1.5.4

Download the newer P3dO fully compatible with XP.
This release gets rid of locks and slow down problem with Poser on XP. It has a new Zip through thumbnailer and some other new features. Mainly this is a bug fix for 1.5.3.
I spent last two months trying to fit the XP requirements. Now this is done and tested and we're heading forward again.
1.5.5 will come in August with a new folder view and the long awaited ZipExplorer setup for Poser files. As well there will be a new zoom window for the image viewer. As annouced 1.5.5 will be shareware.

Translations for 1.5.4 will be available next saturday.
Rsr2Png plugin will be updated in 2 weeks with a crop picture option to avoid a common sizing problem when converting from .png to .rsr.

June 24, 2002 - 1.5.4 beta (R6)

After an awfull bug full week end I fixed the display problem under XP (and some other 3D card under Wx). I've got tiny things to do - in comparision ;) - among which the Copy/Paste slow down under XP.
I can't promise final release this week end, but visit us in case of. Begin of July for sure will be official 1.5.4 release, at last...

June 15, 2002 - 1.5.4 beta (R4)

is available in the download section. This release is now suitable to Windows XP. I also put back the Folder Tree automatic refresh.
There's still a lot of work to finish 1.5.4, I'll do my best to ship it before the end of this month.

May 25, 2002

A much better 1.5.4 beta is now available in the download section. There's mainly a new and faster thumbnail view with this release - Last week bug repaired and thumbnailing at its best. The side picture can't be resized with the beta but, even like that, it is much better than 1.5.3.
Next update in 2 weeks will be official 1.5.4 release with all unfinished stuff available.

May 18, 2002

Only 3 days late this time, this was fairly good. To achieve this I had to make an unfinished beta. So be forwarned that the following 1.5.4 stuff is not available with the beta:
- The Folder View doesn't refresh when a folder is removed, renamed, copied
- The Alpha preview is not available in the picture editor
- The ZipExplorer Zip/Unzip stuff is not available
- The Del key bug has not yet been fixed
- The .rsr crash has not yet been fixed
Read May 10 thread for 1.5.4 feature list.
Another 1.5.4 update will be available here next week. Official 1.5.4 release with all unfinished stuff fixed in 3 weeks.

May 10, 2002 - P3dO 1.5.4 soon to ship out

What is new in 1.5.4 ?
- A locate function that will locate and focus on a file in the image view. The locate function can use wildcard (* and ?) pattern matching.
- The preview picture window has been greatly enhanced and can be now placed and sized the way you prefer.
- Alpha Channeled preview in the picture Editor.
- The info panel can be resized to the appropriate size for AWK.
- AWK now support classic Cut/Copy/Paste edit functions and more...
- A new folder view with correct right clicking.
- W2K and XP better support, especially the font problem is fixed.
- XP look added.
- A setup. As P3DO is becoming complex to set up we provide this.
On the plugins side:
- A Ms Agent plugin featuring our favorite SENO posette will guide you and disturb you ;)) a little.
- ZipExplorer now includes thumbnail preview as shown in hotspot, Zipping and Unzipping capabilities fitted to Poser need but also suitable to classic Zip/Unzip and very handy. This is the great new tool to come with 1.5.4.

Now, the bad news - for us. Our online store will probably not be available on May 15. As I promised 1.5.4 on May 15, there will be 1.5.4 on May 15. Still freeware but with some features locked. Full features shareware version will be 1.5.5 as soon as the store opens at the end of May. The 2 plugins won't be available untill 1.5.5 comes.
I am sorry but that was too much work for me, that's the reason why P3dO is turning shareware. It is now a huge project and needs a lot of modifications to turn commercial.
~ ~ ~
Also note that SENO is shortly going to move to We should already have moved, but for some reasons we are still there ;)) Our current address will still be available for redirecting to the new site.

April 20, 2002 - We decided to release P3dO 1.5.4 on May 15

This newest P3dO will come with a slightly modified layout, XP style and the long awaited Zip/Unzip installer... and also a Ms Agent plugin featuring our favorite SENO posette.
Screenshots of 1.5.4 and features list available here at the beginning of May.
~ ~ ~
P3dO will be shareware with no expiration period at the price of 25 Euros. I would like to thank the numerous people supporting P3dO becoming a shareware. We'll do our best to make it a great hit.

April 8, 2002

There are some Plugin updates and bug fix available on the downloads section.
And a Rsr2Png bug fix and update.

Mars 23, 2002 - P3dO 1.5.4 announcement

This week we're speaking of a new plugin. I promised it a month ago but at last it comes : Pattern Renamer (screenshot below).
As the name says Pattern renamer is a batch renamer that should help you manage easily a huge number of files. Feedbacks welcome on Pat' features.
Pat' beta is now available in download section.
Meanwhile I'm still working on 1.5.4. The PC Installer plugin is next to come. This other plugin will be available with 1.5.4. It is an enhancement to Zip Explorer and AWK together. This means PC Installer can't work alone. Zip Explorer and AWK will gather information for the installer and the installer will do the rest. I'm affraid the trio won't let you many job left ;))

Mars 16, 2002 - P3dO 1.5.4 announced

So, 1.5.4 is on the way with some great improvements to P3dO. A smaller .ZIP installer but still with great functionnality, Zip Explorer 1.0, 3D viewing for .OBJ and raw Poser files.
This week we'll focus on Zip Explorer 1.0 improved capabilities. There's just one, but a great one. I experienced that although it was a great advantage to see pictures through .ZIP files this was not the definit blow, so Zip Explorer now automatically display one picture as thumbnail.
The thumbs are uncompressed Zip files, Giving you immediate insight of what these files contain. Thas is great time saving and file organizing.
With P3dO you will be able to deal with your .ZIP files without unzipping.
~ ~ ~
Next week we'll speak about .Zip installer now included to Zip Explorer.

Mars 9, 2002 - Here are the news...

I am heavily dug into problems.
- There has been a reported bug on Rsr2Png (the Alpha Mask is not copied from Rsr to Png) I fixed the bug on my own XP but can't get it work properly on some beta testers.
I will need you help to fix Rsr2Png. I updated the plugin with a new release, if you've had had problems with previous version, please download it, try it and tell me if the bug is fixed.
- P3dO 1.6 won't be ready in time for administrative reasons. So I decided to release a waiting 1.5.4 in the meantime. This mean that I have to leave aside PC Installer, but good news this will speed 3D view (as a spare feature). Final decision to come in coming weeks - it doesn't depend on me.
If so I'll include part of PC Installer plus 3D viewing in 1.5.4.

February 23, 2002 - Working on P3dO 1.6...

I am heavily rebuilding some parts of P3dO before adding new tips to 1.6. The tree view and image view has been changed to better suit to Windows behavior. There is now a right click select on the image view and a contextual menu between Tree View and Image view.
Before adding any new feature or plugin I want to clean P3dO. We have severall ongoing projects to improve P3dO but I must prepare the plateform before this.
Batch Renamer plugin soon, 1.6 scheduled in April.

January 29, 2002 - P3dO 1.5.3 (R3) is available

1.5.3 is now complete with the new easy-to-use Alpha Channel Editor for Poser pictures.
1.5.3 added Morph Manager plugin, Alpha Channel Editor, Sub-folder browse, better Zoom Windows, Support for MAT poses by AWK plugin. P3dO from best to best.
~ ~ ~
Next plugin goodie - A batch pattern renamer - will be gifted at the eve of february, here at SENO.
Next P3dO release 1.6 will include the long time awaited PC Installer plugin not only a time saver... a life saver. I promise ;))
I consider 1.5.3 as the best P3dO release ever. I use the Image browser a lot for my personnal use and it's obvious this one went a big step further. More to come too with 1.6.

January 25, 2002 - P3dO 1.5.3 (R2) is available

R2 fixes reading of ZIP files under XP.
Translation for French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, German and Dutch are available.
RSR editor with Alpha Channel is not yet available. Sorry but the XP fix took all my time. The RSR editor will be available asap.

January 19, 2002 - P3dO 1.5.3 beta is available

For copyrights reason P3dO changed his name to P3dO Explorer that's no the major change.
1.5.3 comes with multi folder browse, a RSR editor with a Save As box, AWK with MAT pose support and a much better Zooming window.
With the new Zooming window a manual or automatic slide show will be a pleasure. You can now lock the zooming frame or scale factor and more. More picture features to come with next release. The multi folder browse is a bit slow but the ideal way to manage all your Poser stuff in a single view. I even managed to browse my temporay Internet files stuff this way.
The RSR editor is not finished and doesn't support Alpha Channel at the moment. I'll fix it next week.
Next P3do release will focus on more Unzipping stuff : the PC installer plugin will setup Poser files for you ;))
One more word...
There's also a new plugin coming with 1.5.3: Morph Manager himself. Paul Mason kindly accepted to make a Morph Manager plugin for P3dO. I am very happy of this port which gives P3dO new editing capabilities. Morph Manager can be found at Renderosity free stuff.

January 5, 2002

1.5.3 beta will be available mid-January, this is not really a Poser oriented release but there are as always some minor improvements.
The .RSR editing in 32 bit (Alpha Channel support) will greatly ease image modification,
The multi folder browse will give you an overall view of all your Poser folders. It will greatly ease folder management,
And AWK will be improved to support MAT pose files, among others.
I'm now working half time on P3dO, half time on the 3D viewer. A great character animator, come back soon ;))