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January 21, 2022 - P3DO 2.9 R3

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December 29, 2001 - Some news on WIP

Next P3DO is in good shape. 1.5.3 will be available mid-January.
Among others I added some new interesting navigating items (a better Zoom, a Goto menu for Recent Files and a multi folder browse). The multi folder browse scan a folder and its subfolders to a specified depth thus showing all files in one single view. This feature will be improved in coming months, I've got some other ideas.
I played with Poser a lot in December and I realized P3DO needed some modifications to better fit to Poser. I'll do this for 1.5.4. It's a bit late but I don't work hard on P3DO, the priority is still the 3D viewer which I'll show some screenshots soon.
... and best wishes for the new year 2002 from the SENO team.

December 7, 2001

P3dO 1.5.2 is available with Rsr2Png batch conversion plugin. As the name says this plugin converts from Poser Pro Pack .Png file format to Poser 4 .Rsr... and vice versa.
Rsr2Png is respectfull of AlphaChannel data in the pictures.
Again this plugin development gave me the opportunity to greatly enhance the Plugin engine so you've got to DL them once again. The plugin engine should be stable in 3/6 months or so.
As announced next P3dO improvment is a better Zoomin window and Clipart support. Bryce and SIM city file formats are also planned. This will be P3dO 1.5.3 in January.
But the first objective is now See3D 1.0 in December - I bet I'll be late once again.

November 25, 2001

There's an escalator in the 3D stuff section.
Viomar needed some place to host his stuff and here it is. A magnificient escalator with working strairs. Also available on Poser forums of course.
~ ~ ~
The Rsr2Png pugin is nearly finished.
P3dO 1.5.2 will be available next saturday with this plugin, other improvements are internal and will be released with 1.5.3 in december.

November 1, 2001 - Some P3dO 1.5 bugs fixed

There were two: the edit .RSR box didn't show properly and another one when converting a .RSR to Mac format.
I would like to thank MartinC for the great help he provided to me in solving the Mac conversion bug - in fact he found the bug alone.
P3dO 1.5 R3 is available then.

October 27, 2001 - P3dO 1.5 final release is available

As I said last week I made several modifications to 1.5 which is now ready for use.
I go back to See3D my Poser 3D viewer. See3D 1.0 will ship out with an enhanced AWK, texturing, PPP support, Morph support ;)). Pose support is planned too but probably not with 1.0.
Next week: translations for 1.5 and a AWK update (GetStringRes).
Last but not least there will be a special P3dO update early November with Png2Rsr - Rsr2Png batch conversion Plugin. This will be P3dO 1.5.2 intermediary version - available at SENO only.

October 20, 2001 - P3dO 1.5 and ZipExplorer are available at last

1.5 comes with some more Vue stuff (function files) and some minor things. But the bulk of 1.5 is undoubtly the ZipExplorer plugin which will show you what's in Zip files.
At the moment ZipExplorer is only a .RSR viewer and you can't do anything else than looking, you still need Winzip for the basic Zip management... At the moment ;)).
Play with 1.5, tell me what you think. In coming 2 weeks I'll update 1.5 once more to enhance the Unzip stuff. I still consider 1.5 a trial version, but it had been promised too many times to be delayed anymore.

October 6, 2001 - Some news about WIP

I'm a bit late as always, I've had some difficulties with the unzip coding.
ZipExplorer plugin nows reads and display files within P3dO - but still without thumbs. I have to tune it up and to finish the UI but it is close to the end.
1.4.5 will stay a beta, next release is 1.5, next week here.
After the 1.5 final release I'll go back to See3D, prepare for a major update to See3D in November.

September 22, 2001 - A new 1.4.5 beta (release 2) is available with Vue 4 preview

I'm on ZipExplorer plugin. At the moment the plugin - and then P3dO - can read Zip files but the big bunch of the work is still ahead.
1.4.5 complete package in 2 weeks or so.

August 31, 2001 - P3dO 1.4.5 beta is available with Awk Plugin

This is a beta version of AWK and so the look is not that cute, infos are poor and the overall need some improvements. But all is subject to great improvements till 1.4.5.
I go on with 1.4.5 and will add other new features like : Vue 4 support, a beta picture plugin, a beta ZIP reader plugin, possibilty to run only one P3dO, Recent viewed files menu and some minor modifications. AWK itself will ship with more complete infos, suggestions welcome.
1.4.5 release is scheduled late september. This will undoubtly be a great one.
The plugin technology enables separate updates (P3dO, See3D and Plugins) come back soon. More... See3D will support plugins as well, See3D next month ;))
~ ~ ~
And even more... SENO signed an agreement with a major 3D company to share information on their file formats. This will greatly ease my work and the quality of it. I will unveil the name of the Company on due time - please, don't be curious this is not THIS company ;))

August 19, 2001 - Here are the news

The C3D plugin wrapper is working like a dream and AWK renders the content of Poser files like a charm.
I now begin the second step: including C3D and AWK to P3dO. This will take a week or two.
First AWK screen shots this week in the Hot Spot section.

August 3, 2001

P3dO 1.4.4 translations are available on the P3dO page - with the Italian translation. There are some non translated items due to hollydays human resource shortage but the overall remains easily understandable for non english. I didn't fixed the setup, I'll do it for official P3dO translation release at Renderosity. Anyway the setup is nearly useless, I'll improve it for 1.4.5.

Let's talk a bit about AWK: I'm currently making a test program for the plugin. I plan to see the first trial running tomorrow. If this prove successfull the release might come out quickly ;))
~ ~ ~
And let's speak about me: I was featured at Renderosity spotlight this week. Of course I'm proud of this and I would like to thank the renderosity staff for this opportunity. It was a great honour for me and the beginning of an official recognition for P3dO. Who knows...

July 24, 2001

P3dO 1.4.4 released. Few changes since beta. I just added a tip of the day dialog and made some other minor arrangements. Translated versions next week.
As the AWK plugin requires a heavy rewriting it will only be supported by 1.4.5. But AWK is in good shape. AWK beta in a few days - I promise.

July 13, 2001 - Hi, it's been a long time isn't it ?

Sorry, I've been out for job -not for vacation- and others. Well, I'm affraid 1.4.4 release has been delayed too much. I will release 1.4.4 before the end of the month and Awk soon afterwards.
The Italian translation is being finalized by Isab - thanks to Mario Garramone our Italian translator.

June 16, 2001

The 2 last 1.4.3 translations French & Spanish are available on the P3dO page. There are now 6 languages for P3dO. That will be all for 1.4.3 I would like to point out that these 2 last translations are made by Nitreug and integrated by our SENO Posette Isab - nothing by me, many thanks to both of them.
I'm now focusing on 1.4.4 : VUE AWK VUE AWK VUE AWK VUE AWK VUE AWK VUE AWK VUE AWK VUE AWK... but as I'm not that narrow minded I also began rewriting C3D in OpenGL ;))

June 9, 2001

P3dO 1.4.4 beta is available. 1.4.4 is a revolution in P3dO. A Vue d'Esprit oriented release. Now P3dO support Vue d'Esprit as well as Poser. That is: Preview, Path remembrance, File association.
1.4.4 beta has few new Poser features, but relooked About box and relooked Option dialog. Official 1.4.4 release in July, this time with Poser AWK 1.0 plugin - AWK is a promising Poser files Explorer, another revolution to be...

June 8, 2001

P3dO im Deutsch from Thomas Gruber. P3dO in Nederlands from Vim van de Bospoort. Many thanks to both of them.

June 1, 2001

P3dO em Portugues, let's thank WZN the Brazilian translator for the time he spent. Isab is at work for the other translations, it is the first time she does it, and it's not that easy - They will be released asap.

May 26, 2001

Lot to say those days: A 1.4.4 beta with Vue d'Esprit implementation will be available in 2 weeks (June-9th), official release 2 weeks after.
There's a short P3dO tutorial on the P3dO page.
First translated P3dO 1.4.3 still next week (Portuguese/Brazilian). Sorry we are a bit late for the others but we are still waiting for the translated files and the final step takes time. I say WE cause I'm not personally in charge with translation. Isab has joined SENO. She will be in charge with the translation manager & managing. Please, drop her a welcome line : Isab.
~ ~ ~
Last but important news SENO will now have it's own domain name, don't worry about this URL you will be automatically redirected to our new site on due time.

May 19, 2001 - 1.4.3 available

The long awaited 1.4.3 has several new features and the Cut/Copy/Paste fix.Now that I achieved what I intended on file browsing, I'll focus on Poser itself... and on Vue d'Esprit. P3dO will extend its capabilities to Vue d'Esprit, this will be 1.4.4 in June. Then 1.4.5 will be a plugin based version with the Zip Explorer plugin to help you manage your huge compressed files archive too.
~ ~ ~
... and more. Translated P3dO 1.4.3 will be available in 2 weeks: Dutch, French, German, Italian, Portuguese/Brazilian, Spanish... Still looking for translators for more...

May 12, 2001

Alas the third 1.4.3 (beta) was not the last one. I spent more time than expected fixing the Cut/Copy/Paste bug. This time I succeeded but I hadn't enough time to finish the rest. As a result there's another beta today - the very last one - and final release in one more week. I feel sorry for this unexpected delay, for you and for me too cause I'm eager to work on 1.4.4, but no way - this was really hard programming. Actually, 1.4.3.D is worth downloading with one more menu and a working Copy/Paster.

May 6, 2001

The third, and last, 1.4.3 (beta) is available. There was a second one last sunday. This one is close from final release. I just added one new tip and corrected 3 bugs. 1.4.3 next week.
~ ~ ~
P3dO is currently being translated in several languages : French, German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Swedish, Norgegian, Danish,... may be Korean. These will be available in 3/4 weeks.

April 28, 2001

As promised 1.4.3 (beta) is available. Feedbacks are warmly welcome. The definite 1.4.3 in 2 weeks May-12 with some more tips, depending on the number of fixes ;)) Have a look at the ReadMe for unfinished stuff list.

April 15, 2001

I'm affraid I'm a bit late again. I had a lot of work with my -official- job last month. Now I'm back on P3dO working hard. A 1.4.3 beta version will be available in 2 week (April-28 th). Thus you will help me testing the release and we will go a bit quicker. The definite 1.4.3 with some newer tips, 2 or 3 weeks later depending on the number of bugs to solve.
~ ~ ~
I'm not satisifed with See3d. As I don't want to delay P3dO much further I'll work on See3d later on. Sorry.

March 10, 2001 - There's an Icon set on the P3dO page

Starting with 1.4.2 you can associate different icons to each Poser file type. See Readme for installation instructions - You must have P3dO 1.4.2 or above to make it work in Windows. Special thank to Stanislav Stankovic for his idea and for his contribution to the Icon set.
~ ~ ~
I met several problems with morph loading. I have to rethink the whole Poser files loader. See3d 1.0 delayed to begin of April. I promise this is last delay.

February 24, 2001 - P3dO 1.4.2 available

This version offers PPP support with compressed files preview and image modification. A further version will include file compression/uncompression.
1.4.2 is also suitable to P4 users with the new Info Panel (see Hot Spot beside).

February 16, 2001

We've got to deal with PPP, so I had to work on some modifications to support PPP. As a result 1.4.2 and 1.4.3 are nearly finished and See3d 1.0 suffered a lot from this. But... 1.4.3 will be really worth the look, I anounce a comment editor with 1.4.4 and the "PC Installer" plugin for 1.4.5 which will install and uninstall your Poser files in a few clicks - an enhanced CopyTo/MoveTo in a way.
Last but not least I'm working on an OpenGL 3D engine for NT users for See3d and P3dO. Advantages are 3D support for NT and faster thumbnail/picture viewer for P3dO.
1.4.2 is a PPP dedicated release with some Explorer goodies for all users.
1.4.3 is former 1.4.2 with complete Explorer interface.

January 27, 2001

P3dO 1.4 available. A genuine windows-like Favorites menu, and the update .rsr bug fixed. The first plugin will be available in a few days.

January 15, 2001

P3dO 1.4 will be available January-27. This version will include the windows-like Favorites menu, the plugin interface and as always some small improvements. Go to the P3dO page to see what the Favorites menu looks like. The first plugin availability doesn't depend on me, but it's a great one and worth waiting a little.
~ ~ ~
For those waiting for See3d 1.0, this version is now planned in February with a completely revisited interface, object texturing and Morph support.

January 01, 2001 - P3dO 1.4 is on the way

This version will include the favorites menu and the plugin extension with the first plugin. 1.4 delivery late January or early February.