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January 21, 2022 - P3DO 2.9 R3

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February 13, 2009 - P3DO 2.1.1 is available

As the version number suggest 2.1.1 is a minor improvement compared to 2.1, but not compared to 2.0 which was the last major update.
The reason for 2.1.1 is mostly to level up P3DO to P3DO pro, with all latest bug fixes and improvements.

2.1.1 new features
Compared to 2.1, 2.1.1 comes with the following new features:

- Extended thumbnails cache. It is now possible to cache all thumbnails (instead of only 3D files thumbnails).
- Archives (ZIP/RAR) password support. It is now possible to add the password at the end of the file name (see help file for details). This may be not secured but so handy.
- Updates notifier module. This will inform you of new versions.

And 2 other translations has been completed: by Victor Almeida, and by Marti Torrubia.
Great, just great. 2.1.1 is the most completely translated P3dO ever.


We are looking for goodwill to update the other translations. This is quick and easy, less than 1 hour of your time, so please visit the P3dO translation page.
Here are the updates we are looking for:

January 12 2009 - Updated translations for 2.*

I hope you've had good winter hollidays and I wish you a 2009 full of happiness and success.
We at Seno are full of projects for 2009, and ideas for P3dO 2.2.

Now we are heading toward 2.2, which will be a major update with many new Poser features. I don't know when 2.2 will be available (it is in fact bigger than 2.0) but in any case a release or beta will be available in March with all ready stuff. 2.2 itself not later than May. I pro-mi-se.

The purpose of this post is also to announce that the Dutch and Swedish translations have been updated. Which makes 4 updated translations up to now:
by Frans, by Sabine, by Jennifer Lind, by Senosoft.
The P3dO 2.1 setup has been re-uploaded with those updates, the executable being the same as last December.
Go get it on the P3dO pro downloads page.

Those users just interested with updating the translations may download the following resources and copy the zip content into their P3dO Languages directory (The translations are compatible with any P3dO version so you may update 2.0 translations with this too):
Download the Updated translations only.

December 19, 2008 - P3dO pro 2.1 is available

As announced last week. P3dO pro 2.1 is now available right for the christmas hollydays ;)
I feel 2.1 is indeed a smart update.

2.1 new features
Several important plugins have been updated:

- Librarian 2.1 has new report options ("Reference not in same Runtime" and "Absolute reference" now being reported), and a revisited html report. Report rules have been carefully and deeply reviewed.
- Scene Manager 2.1 : a smarter grid with check boxes, simplified way of selecting runtimes and editing paths. It is now possible to set any destination directory and not just a Runtime.
- ZipInstaller 1.1 : improved message boxes for file override and final unzip message, some fix too.
- Pattern Renamer 2.1 : added combo boxes on edit fields, and a smarter grid in detailed renaming window.

P3dO comes with internal improvements:

- The Information panel is now showing an icon indicating the Poser category the folder belongs to (Character, Pose, Props,...)
- Mores figures for Poser cloth detection list (Alexa, Darcassian & Maradanian), totalling 65 figures
- Zip loader has been reviewed to cope with some large pictures formats (zipped PSD, TGA & BMP will load much faster).
- 3DS format over exposure fixed
- 3D preview zoom has been fixed.
- 3D Cached thumbnails capture quality improved (note that you may update existing thumbs with the "Update Thumbnail" button)
- The 3D ground grid now has a chess board look and the bounding box has a separate color
- Floating windows may be docked on Vista.
- Updated & translations.
- And the usual bunch of minor improvements, bug fixes, and bugs ;)

Next update is 2.2 (spring 2009). Great new features are planned for this update.

I wish everybody a merry christmas and best wishes for year 2009 to come.

December 13, 2008 - P3dO pro 2.1 annoucement

Senosoft is pleased to announce the coming arrival of P3dO pro 2.1.
2.1 is a complementary update to 2.0, and also a christmas gift to our users.
2.1 will only be released for the pro version (Note that an unregistered P3dO pro behaves like the free version).

Content of 2.1 is detailed in December 19 post.

2.1 will be available next friday.