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January 21, 2022 - P3DO 2.9 R3

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October 9, 2008 - P3DO 2.0 is available

Both free and pro versions of P3DO 2.0 are available for download.

This is a great day for P3dO. 2.0 is always a major turn in a software's life.
The 2.0 update is an equilibrium among 3 important modules of P3dO (Poser, 3D, animation).
Poser Figure detection for Poser cloths - Thumbnails cache for 3D formats - GIF animation and enhanced 3D animator are the main new features for this version.
Read below for more information.

New features list
As usual P3dO comes with free features:

- Double-click sends directly to PoserPython instead of Right-click "Open with Poser"
- 3D viewing for Quake MD2 model (1st frame)
- Thumbnails cache (for viewable 3D objects)
- Locate toolbar with negative condition
- Gif format added to writable image formats. Fixed palette suport for Bitmaps.
- Great Pattern Renamer (mass renamer) update with renumbering, collision support, detailed view before renaming.

And even more paying ones in P3dO pro:

- Thumbnails cache (assign a cached thumbnail to 3D objects)
- Poser Cloth figure recognition (identify a CR2 as for Victoria, Michael,...)
- Node colored in red in InDepth tree when a file is missing
- Poser Hands (HD2), Quake MD2 model (1st frame), Blender/Videoscape OBJ formats added to 3D viewer, DirectX X format (ascii) fixed.
- GZ format added to supported compressed formats (ZIP, RAR, GZ, Poser compressed).
- A lot of features added to the BVH/PZ2 animation viewer:
   . Show number of frames in the thumbnail grid
   . left-right side with distinct colors.
   . TrackBar, fast forward button, multimedia keyboard support
   . Time/frame infos displayed while playing animation
   . Ability to save a 3D animation to GIF animation
- Gif animation player with auto play option.
- Animated Sprite viewer (animate sprites flattened on a picture)
- Animated Texture viewer (view the Texture animation in 2D, this is not 3D Texture animation)
- Filter toolbar (ability to filter content to a limited set of files, i.e "VIC" will show files containing VIC in file name).
- Thumbnails text customization by combining existing text captions
- Librarian crash fix
- Image2Image cancel button fixed
- PoserFavorite: fixed shortcut update detection (1.9.5 issue)
- RarExplorer: fixed missing bottom of images and file count
- Archives ReadMe/Text viewer (for ZipInstaller, ZIPs and RARs)
- Poser ZipInstaller 1.0 (uninstall now clean empty directories, ReadMe/Text file viewer, bug fix while reloading same zip)
- Recent menu enhancement, reorder thumbs with drag'n drop (to ease renaming)

For a complete list of P3dO pro features and comparision with the freeware version, visit this page....

Key Renewal
For the first time some P3dO keys will expire (these are keys older than 3 years). Expiration only means you won't be able to use pro features on 2.0 and above, your key will remain active on previous versions.
If this happens you will be prompted to renew the serial. Renewal price is attractive (15$) and grants regular long duration full featured keys.

Also note a new price for first time buyers. At the end of October P3dO price will be 30$ instead of current 25$ (renewal unchanged).

A special thank to EnglishBob & TrekkieGrrrl (from Renderosity forums) for their contribution to the Poser cloth recognition tool.

We're looking for help to update P3dO translation. If you wish to help, please visit this...
Here's what we are looking for:

October 3, 2008 - P3dO 2.0 is hot

2.0 version of P3dO will be available next week on this website.

2.0 was long to come because I experienced troubles porting P3dO to Vista, and also some features like GIF animation and thumbnail cache were rather tricky.
In the end this a valuable update. P3dO pro comes with even more animation features, more information on 3D files, and I'm delighted with the thumbnail cache (shows thumbnails from 3D files).

Content of 2.0 is detailed in October 9 post.