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P3DO pro 2.9 R3
P3DO free 2.9 R3
January 21, 2022

P3DO pro 2.9 R3 release candidate
P3DO pro 2.9 R3 beta 2
P3DO pro 2.9 R3 beta 1
December 2021 / January 2022

PoserPython 2.9
May 13, 2021

Carrara is here

OCT 2009
It has been requested for a long time, a lot of times. So this one add a high rank in my todo list.
I am very pleased to say that, I at last succeeded in reading the Carrara format thumbnail.

New features - free & pro version

  • Daz Carrara format support (thumbnails)
  • PoserPython update for Poser 8
  • DPX (Digital Picture Exchange) / CIN (Cineon Image) high resolution image

New features - pro only

  • Daz Carrara format support (thumbnails & Textures list)
  • Daz Hexagon format support (Textures list)
  • Rsr2Png auto Poser RSR image converter

Daz Carrara format support

We are proud to say this is a unique, exclusive feature by P3dO. Again.
That is:
- Thumbnails for CAR & CBR files
- List of Textures (path checking, ability to delete/zip the whole scene or edit any file in the scene without the burden to navigate to it).
P3dO Scene Manager is an incredible time saver, already reading more than 38 3D file formats and now Daz Carrara !
Also note that P3dO is reading Carrara's HDRI.
See above snapshot for even more information about Carrara in P3dO.

Daz Hexagon format support

Hexagon is another Daz format I'm very glad to add to P3dO:
- List of Textures (path checking, ability to delete/zip the whole scene or edit any file in the scene without the burden to navigate to it).
Unfortunately HXN files don't have thumbnails.


Rsr2Png auto

As Poser used to do Rsr2Png auto will automatically convert your Poser RSR to PNG, while you navigate your libraries. Companion to our award winning Rsr2Png plugin, Rsr2Png auto is a smooth converter you will barely notice.
Have a look in the Options dialog to activate it.
Contrarily to Rsr2Png, Rsr2Png auto doesn't delete any source picture. It behaves exactly like Poser used to do.

PoserPython update for Poser 8

PoserPython plugin has been updated for Poser 8. With PoserPython Open any Poser files from P3dO into Poser: Directly from P3dO to Poser (without the need of Prpc). For any Poser: from Poser Pro Pack to Poser 8.

This update has been published in August. What is new with 2.2.5 is the ability to open in Poser Pro Pack.


DPX / CIN high resolution image format

New High resolution Picture formats added: DPX (Digital Picture Exchange) / CIN (Cineon Image).
This makes 2 with the already available HDR format.

As usual this version contains bug fixes, options and improvments, among which one is worth mentioning:
A P3dO menu can be added to the Shell context menu (set it in Setup and File Format Association dialog).

Note on other file formats
In coming months I will freshen the Vue implementation and also give Bryce format another chance (like Carrara this one is a major goal).

I would especially like to thank Marcelo Teixeira & Faba One for their contribution to the Carrara parser and also in suggesting improvements.
And Peter M. for his contribution to the Hexagon parser.

A note about 2.3
2.3 had been announced this fall but eventually 2.2.5 came out.
This is due to the uncoding of Carrara thumbnail which changed my plans. I am sure that most of you will agree that Carrara, Hexagon, Bryce and Vue are very important too.
The major feature for 2.3, a database, is still high on my todo list.

P3dO was born in 2000
Next year P3dO will be 10 years. 10 years with constant upgrades, new features, quality support.
I would like to offer even more service, more softwares, for this I just need money. I would appreciate if you Register.

By now, go get 2.2.5 on the download page.

Note to Poser users: do I need to say upgrade to 2.2.5 Poser plugins pack is recommended ?

Next update in December as usual.


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