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January 21, 2022

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PoserPython 2.9
May 13, 2021

DUF exploration with P3DO

DEC 2019
P3DO goes another step forward with 2.7 and the growing integration of DAZ Studio assets in its workflow.

I am glad to have DUF files populated in the InDepth property window. it has been a long time since I wanted to do this.
I want much more of course, and so you do I presume.

I am hoping the DAZ Studio fans will give me feedback on the newest DUF addition to P3DO.
As for Poser users don't worry I am not doing DUF against Poser. I am doing DUF with Poser. I want P3DO to be at en even level on both software.
Anyway, I am already at work on 2.8 and Poser additions will be published next month.

I wish a Merry Christmas and Happy new year to everyone.

Note: Let other people know about P3DO. Support us, talk about us on CG forums. Thanks


Go get 2.7 on the download page.
Note to Poser/DAZ users: don't forget to download 2.7 Poser plugins pack too.

2.7 new features

Showing DUF assets references
Poser 11.2 opener fix
Directory tree fixes
Renaming fixes
WEBP image added
Alpha channeled thumbnails
RAR plugin update

Showing DUF assets references

Lists all files references in a DAZ Studio DUF file the same way it does for Poser.
2.7 shows the DUF references: geometry (DSF, OBJ) and textures and material names as well.
As usual this includes DUF in an archive: ZIP, RAR or 7Z.
At the moment morphs are not listed. This will be added next (2.8).
Unlike Poser there is no 3D viewing for DUF,... yet (not 2.8).
As a first version of the DUF parser some references may be missing, or other stuff. Don't hesitate to report any issue or suggest improvements.
Additions to DUF support will continue with 2.8.


Poser 11.2 opener fix

Poser files could no longer be opened in the new Bondware version of Poser.
Last September's PoserPython plugin fix has been included in the standard poser plugins pack setup.


Directory tree fixes

Several directory tree issues have been fixed. Other improvements are planned for 2.8.
There's also an error message sometimes popping up when renaming a directory. I discovered it lately and it is not crashing. I am working on this issue.


Renaming fixes

PatternRenamer plugin is now able to support mutliple associates (xmp, pmd, tip.png). Please note that when renaming a file the internal references are not renamed (the issue is mainly for PMD references). Just be aware of that.
Fix a renaming issue on DAZ Studio files when several thumbnails are associated (regular and tip).


WEBP image added

A WEBP image decoder has been added. As a standard in P3DO, WEBP images can also be opened from ZIP, RAR and 7Z archives.
WEBP images are widely used by the DAZ3D website to showcase their 3D products. That's the reason why I'am adding that file format.


Alpha channeled thumbnails

Thumbnails are now shown with the alpha channel transparency.
A long time request I am glad to fulfill.


RAR plugin update

Following a user request the Unrar plugin has been updated to support 5.7 RAR format.
Don't hesitate to ask for stuff.

And also

The German translation has been updated up to 2.6 thanks to a generous anonymous person.
He will also provide a 2.7 upgrade (my fault for the delay) which will be available with next update.

Coming next

One year since last update that time. Not so bad compared to the last years but I've got good news.
I managed to arrange a daily routine work on the software that is compatible with my day job. So stay tuned for more new stuff in 2020.

2020 is also the year for the 20th anniversary of P3DO.
I began working on the software a cold Saturday morning in February 2000. The first version was available at Renderosity in April 2000.
That is tio say 2.8 will be available in April 2020, obviously :)

P3DO 2.8
This version will not be 20th anniversary oriented. Business continues as usual :)
This is what is planned. My todo list is huge but this is what I think is feasible in about 3 months. I am already at work on it.

Review the UI to enhance navigation in Runtimes
Improve search with search result sets
Add lights and camera references to both Poser and DUF
Add morphs DUF references
Partial poses for DUF poses, Lights, Cameras and Collections
Review the ZipInstaller and add new features
Review and improve the 3D engine

Will there be 3D viewing for DUF files ?
Like with Poser stuff Props are much easier to handle than Characters and Scenes.
So for sure I will provide a decent viewer for Props like DUF files. For the rest P3DO is not a Poser or Daz Studio substitute. P3DO is a 3D assets helper tool.
DUF 3D viewing is planned for the version right after 2.8, thus the review of the 3D engine.

Automatic updates notification

There's an automatic updates notification module in P3DO (see Options dialog, Updates tab).
We highly recommend that you activate P3DO Updates module.
There is also a Twitter blog to keep you informed of latests news, schedules and bug fix.


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