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P3DO pro 2.9 R3
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January 21, 2022

P3DO pro 2.9 R3 release candidate
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December 2021 / January 2022

PoserPython 2.9
May 13, 2021

Search tool * Daz Studio button * Favorites button * Poser lights

APR 2020
On a cold Saturday morning of Februray 2000 I start working on a project called Poser 3D Object, aka P3DO.
On April 6th 2000 the first relase of P3DO was made available at
20 years later I am glad to celebrate the 20th birthday of the software. P3DO now stands for Photo 3D Organizer.

The future of the software is bright. In coming month new features and new 3D file formats will be added to the software.
Regular monthly updates with continue. Suscribe to automatic notifications in Tools menu > Options > Updates tab to get notified.

To celebrate this birthday event we are offering P3DO licenses and upgrades 50% off in April. This is a rare opportunity to get the excellent P3DO pro at a fair price.

Go get your first P3DO license for as low as 12.5$, or renew for an insane 7.5$.
The offer has ended.

Note: Let other people know about P3DO. Support us, talk about us on CG forums. Thanks


Go get 2.8 on the download page.
Note to Poser/DAZ users: there's no Poser plugins pack anymore. A single setup installs everything.

2.8 new features

Daz Studio button  Favorites button   Repository update   Search tool   Poser Lights & Camera  

Daz Studio navigation

A navigation button dedicated to Daz Studio has been added. It works the same as the Poser runtimes navigation button.
Since the organization of Daz Studio libraries is different from Poser Runtimes (obviously) I didn't have the time to fully complete it. The "People" library needs per Figure navigation, i.e. Genesis3/Victoria7, Genesis8/Victoria8,... This will be completed soon.

Favorites navigation

To compensate the Favorites tree removal (2.6 version) a Favorites navigation popup menu has been added to both Folders and Repository toolbars.
The Repository Favorites is very handy to open seconday Libraries at the same time you browse the main one.

Repository update

The Repository has been reviewed. Poser and Favorites views have been fixed.
The Favorites, Poser, Daz Studio and Carrara navigation buttons have been replicated on the Repository toolbar.
These buttons are not shortcuts to the Poser and Favorites views mentionned above. They are used to navigate within the Repository to secondary libraries without interfering with your current Runtime/Library.
While the so called views are meant to navigate your main Runtime/Library.
This is a bit technical, the best is that you check by yourself the difference between the 2 :)

Search tool

The search tool was a bit difficult to handle. It has been completely redesigned.
When clicking the search button a popup is showing. As a popup it has automatic closure.
The search criteria are the same, work the same. Nothing changed here.
The search result is now shown in the Repository window.
Search result is persistent: it will reload smoothly when navigating back to the search result window and even on startup.
From the search result you can open any of the asset from the result set in Poser or navigate to it.

Poser lights

Poser Lights and Camera have been added to the property (InDepth) tree.
The tree shows the lights list with the light type (infinite, spot, point, diffuse IBL, area light) and image references for IBL.
PoserPython plugin also has support for partial Lights. Allowing to extract spots and complete or modify an existing light set in Poser.

Note that PoserPython partial poses is a versatile and easy to use opener for Poser.
That plugin makes every single pose a partial pose. Including Faces, Hands, Materials and now Lights.
Want to give your figures unique expressions ? partial Face, in a blink of an eye.
And more: no need to unzip. You may Pose directly from the zip itself (except for Material textures).

Misc and fixes

DirectX X file support for multiple textures on a shader.
Rsr2Png and PoserFavorites plugins with larger UI to accomodate for modern resolutions.
3D viewport clipping issue fixed.
Thumbnails transparency fixed.

Coming next - P3DO 2.9

2.8 had tight schedules due to the anniversary celebration. Nevertheless I am quite happy with the additions that version brings.
2.9 is planned this fall with an update every month as an update release (stable) or work in progress (wip :).
So, the 2.9 features below will be released progressively as they are done:

Improvements to the InDepth/Property view
ZipInstaller update and new features
FBX and Collada file formats support
Finish the Daz Studio navigation button
Improve the Carrara navigation button
New updates to the Repository
Additions to the search result sets
Add lights and camera to DUF
Add morphs DUF references
Partial poses for DUF poses and Poser Collections
Review of the image zoom window
New 3D engine


I will also add a tutorial section to the website to explain basic and advanced features in P3DO.
The first of which will be published in May.

Automatic updates notification

There's an automatic updates notification module in P3DO (see Options dialog, Updates tab).
We highly recommend that you activate P3DO Updates module.
There is also a Twitter blog to keep you informed of latests news, schedules and bug fix.

I wish you and your relatives health and high spirit during that weird pandemic time we are into.


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