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January 21, 2022 - P3DO 2.9 R3

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October 18, 2006 - P3DO 1.9 Poser plugins pack updated

This is mainly a bug fix update for Rsr2Png plugin (fixes conversion to 24 bits RSR).
Get it from here: Download

Now working on adding other 3D file formats (many more) to P3dO.
Next update is scheduled in December with those file formats (it'll be P3dO 1.9.2).
Many many thanks to Fulvio for his Spanish and Italian translations. P3dO 1.9 translations are available on separate pack: Download.

1.9 translations are nearly complete but we are still looking for volunteers to update the P3dO 1.9 translations to the following languages (Ist nor yemand das spricht Deutsch ?):
Please contact us or visit the translation page. This is a short job but so helpfull to non english speaking people, and to P3dO too ;)

September 23, 2006 - P3dO 1.9 is available

P3dO Explorer 1.9 is now complete.

New P3dO pro features:
- 3D: More 3D file formats added to the viewer: 3DS, LWO, COB, DXF, WRL
These new formats integrate with Scene Manager but are not Zip through - yet.
(Zip through coming with December update, and even more 3D file formats).
- 3D: Ability to convert to OBJ file format. With Scale, Center, Drop to floor, export normals, export UVs options.
- 2D: A mass images converter plugin. Convert any supported picture format to JPG, PNG or BMP.
- 3D: Librarian plugin - detailed in previous news - is a plugin that scan Poser and Daz|Studio runtimes and report wrong references and missing files (click here for a Librarian sample report). 1.9 update comes with a per folder selection option and ability to scan outside runtimes.
Note that Librarian is a very fast scanner, with Librarian scanning your Libraries will take minutes not hours. And thank to Librarian database further scans may take... seconds.

The free version has:
- 2D: A Save as function that writes JPEG, PNG, BMP, RSR pictures formats.
- 3D: Vue files now show the version number.
- 3D: PoserPython with updated Prpc script
- 2D: Alpha channeled preview
- 2D: File association for all kind of supported file formats
- 2D: Zip thumbnails for every kind of supported picture (Zipped files thumbnails and zoom being a pro feature).
- 2D: RSR/PNG editor has been improved
- 2D: An image information window for quick access to basic image properties
- 2D: Zoom focus ruled has been reviewed so that Fit options always fit the Zoom window viewport

Now working on December update : P3dO 1.9.2 with more 3D file formats (lots more), more writers (lots more) and the Catalog plugin.

September 15, 2006 - P3dO 1.9 beta available

P3dO Explorer 1.9 both free and pro versions betas are now available.

Content of 1.9 is detailed in September 23 announce.

P3dO 1.9 will be completed next week with remaining functions, any feedback welcome.

September 1, 2006 - P3dO 1.9 is coming soon

P3dO Explorer 1.9 both free and pro versions will be available on September 15.

Content of 1.9 is detailed in September 15 announce.

I'm glad 1.9 brings those new 3D file formats. This is just great.
Now with 3D viewing, 3D converter, character animation, Poser library management, image viewing, mass image converter, Zip through viewing, and all those helper plugins. This make 1.9 a quite serious software. I wouldn't say complete since I go back to work, right now ;)

August 15, 2006 - Welcome to Librarian !

Librarian is the 14th P3dO plugin and a great one. Librarian will scan your Poser and Daz|Studio runtimes libraries and will report wrong references or missing files.
Librarian is a report tool, it does not offer any fix utility - at the moment. But Librarian has a major advantage it is fast, and I really mean it.
Fast - As an example, scan Poser libraries with as much as 42,000 files (including thumbnails) in 15 minutes - this is Librarian !
To finish with speed, Librarian has also been designed for even more speed optimization : you may select the runtimes you wish to explore, you may choose a special report mode (called "Manage Scan result") that will render a report within seconds.
Report - The report itself is a html file that lists the figure files (any Poser file) with a wrong reference path, and the list of those wrong references.
You may select which kind of files are to be reported, for which runtime and that cute Html report is generated (click picture for a sample Librarian html report):
With thumbnails and working links - welcome to Librarian !

More information in Librarian help file, available with the download (Librarian is a P3dO pro plugin):
download Librarian (73 Kb).
What about P3dO ?
Next P3dO is P3dO 1.9. Annoucement will be made on September 1st.
What is sure for now is that P3dO 1.9 will have 3DS, LWO, DXF, COB and WRL 3D file formats support and the mass picture converter plugin.
Please, come back in September for official P3dO 1.9 news.
btw Buying P3dO now or in September makes no difference toward updates policy (P3dO 1.* and P3dO 2.* free updates limit will remain the same : 3.0). That is : why not purchase P3dO pro and play with Librarian now ? order.

July 22, 2006 - P3dO pro Librarian plugin

A new P3dO pro plugin is born : Librarian as the name says is a new wizard like plugin that will help you organize your Poser and Daz|Studio runtime libraries.

Wrong paths being a common problem in Poser libraries, Librarian will scan your runtime libraries and will report for missing files or wrong paths.
At the moment Librarian is still a Work in Progress. Librarian beta has been released for about a month and is being heavily tested, and improved. Current results are quite good, Librarian is a killer plugin - I promise.

Librarian beta is available for P3dO pro suscribers, just contact us to get the link.
Otherwise scheduled release date for Librarian is mid-august.