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January 21, 2022 - P3DO 2.9 R3

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March 30, 2007 - P3DO & P3DO pro 1.9.2 available

This one is a great update, with a lot of goodies for P3DO pro.
This update include 2 great addons: 20 new 3D formats and RAR support. And a lot of other great addons according to your preferences: Poser, AW RWX, 3D animation ?
We now have a total of 38 3D file formats which P3dO is able to display !

1.9.2 pro new features:
- 20 new 3D file formats : 3D Studio Ascii (.asc), 3D Studio Project file (.prj), 3D Metafile (.3dm,.3dmf), TrueSpace Object ascii (.coa), VideoScape (.geo), Imagine Object (.iob), Open Inventor (.iv), Lightscape Prep (.lp), RealiMation RealiBase (.rbs), Maya RTG (.rtg), ShopBot Part (.sbp), Sculpt3D Scene (.scene), StereoLithography Interface Format (.stl), DirectX (.x), Extensible 3D (.x3d), OpenGL XGL/ZGL (.xgl,.zgl), Softimage|XSI (.xsi), XYZ Format (.xyz),...
Complete list of P3dO supported file formats in our P3dO pro file formats page.
- RAR thumbnails support added. P3dO is now able to load pictures and 3D files from RAR files, as well as it already does from ZIP files.
The new RARExplorer plugin works and behaves exactly like the ZIPExplorer one: showing thumbnails, zooming images, loading textured 3D objects directly from RAR files.
Also included is the CBR format (Comic Book Archive), that completes the CBZ one.
- All 3D formats can be viewed when ZIPped or RARed.
- All 3D formats listed in Scene Manager, that makes it easy to manage your 3D scenes content without the need to navigate the Explorer.
- Poser Thumbnail updater is able to automatically generate missing Poser thumbnails (Manual override is also available).
Once you view a Poser file, P3dO will generate the thumbnail if it is missing. As simple as it gets. The image is resized to fit a 91x91 Poser thumbnail, thus you don't have anything to do.
And also...
- Links Thumbnails : P3dO looks for links target and grab the thumbnail accordingly (including Poser thumbnails).
- Update to deal with Poser 7 Library Prefs paths
- Fixed BVH player
- Fixed a nasty PNG reader bug that caused crash in Poser libraries
- Bug fix on Rsr2Png (updated since March 17).
- Bug fix when viewing some older style RWX files (especially those from Megapath).
- Image2Image (mass image converter plugin) has been updated. It is now possible to select output format details (options) from the plugin dialog.
- CopyPath with a new option to strip extensions.
- Settings and Layouts may now be exported/imported in external (xml) files and thus be saved or transfered to other machines.
- New Brazilian translation thanks to Marcelo Teixeira.

Only a few improvements for P3dO Explorer:
- Links Thumbnails
- RAR support working like the ZIP one.
- A new dialog for CopyPath
But P3dO benefit all the improvements and bug fixes from P3dO pro, Awk Exploration for the 38 3D formats, still a very good unlimited free of use tool. Worth downloading for Poser management and image viewing.

Next update will be 1.9.6 pro in June. It will contain fewer features but interesting ones. We've got a lot of ideas for lil' P3dO. Support us, register to P3dO pro.

March 16, 2007 - P3dO pro 1.9.2 beta available : get it now

We're proud to announce that 1.9.2 includes 20 new 3D file formats have been added, that makes a total of 38 3D file formats which P3dO is able to display !

Content of 1.9.2 is detailed in March 30 announce.

As you can see 1.9.2 is a rather rich update.
And now get that update, play with it and join the club ;) Any problem may be reported on our support form.
1.9.2 final release will be available in 2 weeks.

February 25, 2007 - P3dO 1.9.2 thumbnails updater

P3dO Explorer 1.9.2 has been added a long time requested feature : the ability to update Poser thumbnails.
- With Thumbnail updater you can update your Poser thumbnails, and create missing thumbnails from P3dO renders : as simple as 1 click (and even no click at all in Automatic mode).
- Last but not least RAR support will be added and support same features as ZIP support (thumbnails of internal files, ability to render a zipped 3D files including texturing).
- Not to forget the 30+ 3D formats now supported by P3dO.

I know 1.9.2 has been announced is a bit late but this takes time. I promise the beta will be available quite soon (my goal is March 10th for beta and Spring for final release).
And a new translation today Brazilian translation thanks to Marcelo Teixeira. A long time request from Brazilian folks to have that one.
Get it from here: Download and copy it into your P3dO Languages directory to make it available.

January 6, 2007 - P3dO 1.9.2 annoucement

1.9.2 is on the road. This update should have been available in December but the arrival of Poser 7 delayed it a bit.
So 1.9.2 will conform to P7, but as far as I saw up to now it does already except for a small problem with Prpc.
1.9.2 will extend the number of 3D file formats supported by P3dO to more than 40 of them, newcomers being: 3dm, iff, iob, rbs, rtg, x3d,... complete list available on release.
I will also improve the BVH viewer so that rendering be in 3D instead of difficult to read wireframes.
CopyPath and Image2Image plugins will be upgraded.

1.9.2 will be available within a month.
At last we've got the German translation updated for 1.9 ;)
Thanks to Sabine which is a pro translator.
Get it from here: Download.