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January 21, 2022 - P3DO 2.9 R3

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December 18, 2007 - P3DO 1.9.5 Windows Vista update

Just some modifications to cope with Windows Vista and some bug fix that have nothing to see with Vista ;)
This version is still 1.9.5, there's no new feature, just bug fix. The exact version number is while the one published in October was (This can be checked by looking at P3dO executable shell property dialog).

Main fixes are:
- When in Explorer Subfolders mode, clicking on a file sometimes trigger a drop on the root folder.
- 3D animation not working (Vista).
- Secondary dialogs (rename, delete confirmation,...) had a tendency to hide behind P3dO (Vista).
Also some other minor bugs.

I acquired a Vista machine recently. P3dO is working fine under Vista, no problemo.

I've been working on 2.0 since late October. A lot of internal rebuild mainly due to Vista, and new features added : already worth a version but this is 2.0 so it has to be rich, surprising, nice,...a great update. Prepare for a great P3dO 2.0 in march.

I wish you and your family a merry christmas and a happy new year.

October 12, 2007 - P3dO 1.9.5 is available

...and another P3dO update. Here's the list of what has changed since the march version:

free version :
- DDS (Direct Draw Surface) image format added.
- PatternRenamer updated with Truncate options.
- PoserPython plugs the Poser Scripts palette list in P3dO's tools menu, and a new Run script rule.
- Drag'n drop has been improved. Now fully compatible with other Windows applications.

pro version :
- Fix on severall 3D file formats (3DS, DXF,...) that loaded textures incorrectly.
- BVH and Poser Poses viewer with 3D bones instead of 2D ones.
- Poser Poses animation added to the 3D animation viewer.
- Poser PZ3 viewing has been improved. Characters and Props now have their correct position in a scene.
- AwkPlugin with a new dialog : Manage Scene, for copying/moving a scene (or part of it) to another Poser runtime.
- A grid and hidden geometries options added to the 3D renderer.

I'm glad the Poser Poses animation is now working. So useful and playful.
The AwkPlugin Manage Scene dialog is also a great addon to P3dO. With this one you'll be able to make an effortless copy of Poser files from one Runtime to another.
Next update will be 2.0 (in 2008). P3dO's license renewal are not based upon the version number but on the registration date. So if you register now you'll get : P3dO pro now, 2.0 in spring and at least 2 years worth of free updates.

Some plugins updates are planned in december : PatternRenamer with a renumbering function, and AwkPlugin with more Scene Management stuff. So come and visit us again in 2 months.

September 28, 2007 - P3dO pro 1.9.5 beta 2

Unfortunately, still at work on 1.9.5. I need a couple more weeks to fix Poser Poses animation.

This week's update come with a great PoserPython plugin enhancement : The Poser Python scripts palette is replicated in P3dO Tools menu so that you can spawn your favorite scripts at once. Also the Run Python Script command has been changed to a selection dialog box that is much convenient to use (open in last opened directory with last script highlighted).
As said above I'm now working on Poser Poses animation. This will complete the 1.9.5. It will take 1, max 2, weeks to finish. The release will be uploaded asap.
Senosoft is a small company offering a lot of content for free. We would appreciate your support : link to us, talk about P3dO capabilities in forums, and register to P3dO pro. P3dO needs you.

September 15 2007 - P3dO pro 1.9.5 beta available

Another and last update for the 1.* series. Next being 2.0.

Content of 1.9.5 is detailed in October 12 announce.

The BVH viewer is a real quality one : the poses are rendered with much accuracy and the 3D skeleton gives them a clear preview. The animation player need some improvements, like the ability to track a moving object, this will come next.

AwkPlugin Scene Manager, is not to be confused with P3dO's Scene Manager. They both manage scene but in a different manner.
P3dO's one is a multi-folder copy/paste, renaming, editing, zipping tool, while Awk Scene Manager is a complementary tool to copy/move files to another Runtime saving or restoring the directory structure.
In a word Awk Scene Manager is able to copy files from 1 directory to severall.
It can be used to organize your Poser Runtimes or install an unzipped scene into Poser.
btw Zip capability will be added to Awk Scene Manager and it will then replace ZipInstaller.

An important internal change : because of Windows Vista security P3dO data are now stored in "My Documents". The exact path being : "Documents and Settings\<user_name>\Application Data\Senosoft\P3dO Explorer". P3dO does the updating automatically but in case something fail, that's where Favorites, SendTo, Librarian data and Poses templates should be copied.
Plugins had to be updated to accomodate this change, that's why some plugins prior to 1.9.5 won't be compatible with further versions (no problem for veteran Morph Manager ;).

1.9.5 official release will be available in 2 weeks.
Senosoft is a small company offering a lot of content for free. We would appreciate your support : link to us, talk about P3dO capabilities in forums, and register to P3dO pro. P3dO needs you.