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(pro) Strip a Poser file of unwanted elements while loading into Poser, thus applying only a part of the Pose.
By giving you the ability to customize Poses, Open Partial Pose will save you a lot of time in the Pose process, and will give your Pose sets far greater versatility.

This may be used with Pose, MAT files, Hands, INJ/REM and Faces. Including from a ZIP file.
Selectable elements are actors, Morph Targets, Materials, Fingers, Expression,... depending on the File type and its content.

How to use

Click a Pose or Material or Hand or Face.
Click PoserPython button on InDepth toolbar and select: Open Partial Pose.
Unselect the actors or materials you don't want to be applied.
Click Ok.

note The current Pose file will remain unchanged. You are not modifying your Library files in any manner.
note You may leave all actors checked and still use Open Partial Pose to strip the Pose from Morph Channels, see Features below.


As the name implies Open Partial Pose has been designed primarily for Pose files, and then extended to other file types.
Supported types are:
Poses files including INJ/REM
MAT files

Poses files
These are Poses files in the primary sense of the term: PZ2 dedicated to modify the Figure's skeleton bones orientation.
The Pose will only be applied to selected actors (Bones) - see top snapshot. This gives the ability to just apply an arm, leg or neck Pose to a Figure.

These options are self explanatory. They are used to avoid common Pose files side-effects.
Ignore BODY rotation
Ignore BODY translation
Ignore Morph Channels That one is highly recommended

note the hip actor is used in Poser to rotate and translate the Figure. Unselecting hip is often required to apply a Partial Pose.

MAT files
These are Poser Materials (MT5) or PZ2 MATs.
In that case the selection is applied to materials. Unselected materials won't be applied.

Same as Pose, except you select fingers.

You select face expressions morph target allowing to apply only part of the expression (asymetric mouth and eye blinks made easy).

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