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P3DO pro 2.9 R3
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January 21, 2022

P3DO pro 2.9 R3 release candidate
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December 2021 / January 2022

PoserPython 2.9
May 13, 2021

Quick Search * Search history * DS Navigation

MAR 2021
2.9 is a continuation of 2.8. Adding more features to the search tool and completing the Daz Studio navigation button. You will find the quick search to be very handy, and the recent search menu another great time saver.
2.9 is also the starting point of a series of plugins updates, and Poser/DS oriented additions. They will be pubslished througout spring and summer as they are completed. There should be an update every 2 months.

Note: Let other people know about P3DO. Support us, talk about us on CG forums. Thank you so much to those who helped last year.


Go get 2.9 on the download page.
Note to Poser/DAZ users: there's no Poser plugins pack anymore. A single setup installs everything.

2.9 new features

Quick Search  Search history   DS Navigation  

Quick Search

The Quick search is a quick access simplified search tool with just the file name as search criteria.
It offers 3 search depth:
Search in current directory subdirectories
Search in current asset library subdirectories
Search in current runtime subdirectories
The default search is asset library. You can customize the behavior in the new Options dialog > Search tab. That default search is triggered when you hit the enter key in the search text field.

Search history

Recent searches are now restored when you navigate with the Repostory back and forward buttons.
Running instances of P3DO will share up to 25 search result set, the 26th search overriding the oldest one and so on.
Recent Search menu gives the ability to pick one of the last 25 search result. It is accessible from the Go To menu and the Respository dropdown

Daz Studio navigation button

The Daz Studio button is now reflecting the DS asset organization.
Animals, Scenes, Geometry have been added and the People structure is now splitted in its various components (Anatomy, Characters, Clothing, Hair, Materials, Props).

Due the figure oriented structure of the People library, P3DO is not providing a default shortcut for those asset libraries (what it does for Poser). But once you have navigated within a library the menu entry will appear in the shortcut.

Auto expanding archives

In order to look into an archive in P3DO you have to double-click the archive file. Which is fine.
Now I've added auto-expansion in the InDepth/property thumbnails view as well. Click the thumbnail icon and when you select an archive it will populate in InDepth/property.

Misc and fixes

Runtime Manager update.
Explore in Repository popup.
Poser 12 opener fix.
Scene added to Poser navigation button.
Locate will now find for a match in both Main view and Repository.
InDepth information: fix path references in Poser INJ with path to another INJ.
InDepth information: added alternateGeom in Poser paths parser.
Improved 3d thumbnails cache quality - look in Options dialog > Thumbnails tab.
German translation updated. With a great thank to the german translater for his long term contribution.
French translation updated.

Coming Next on 2.9

Monthly updates proved to be too ambitious but I will do my best with bi-monthly or quarterly updates.
I'm already at work on the fall version. It will be 2.9 R3. R3 will also be published at Renderosity.
A R2 is likely to be available in the meantime, but if so it will just be a minor technical update to accomodate for the plugins requirements. The plugins updates will not be minor.
R2 - Partial Poses update
R2 - ZipInstaller update
R3 - Compression/Uncompression of Poser and Daz Studio files
R3 - Finish the FBX viewer
R3 - Review the Favorites in Repository
R3 - Review the Runtimes in Repository and include DS content folders

Coming Next on 3.0

2.9 R3 will the last of the P3DO 2* series :(
Stay tuned for 3.0 coming in 2022 :)

Automatic updates notification

There's an automatic updates notification module in P3DO (see Options dialog, Updates tab).
We highly recommend that you activate P3DO Updates module.
There is also a Twitter blog to keep you informed of latests news, schedules and bug fix.


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