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January 21, 2022 - P3DO 2.9 R3

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P3dO Explorer - Plugins

In this section you may find plugins updates and more information on plugins.
The plugin version number tipically indicates for which P3dO version it has been designed for. This means those plugins can be used with any P3dO whose version is above this version number.

  Version Last update Publisher Purpose
CopyPath 2.3 July 30, 2011 SENO Software Poser & 3D

Copy directory content to the clipboard. more

Image 2.2.8 April 21, 2010 SENO Software All users
  Thumbnailer plugin.

Morph Manager 4.0 January 19, 2002 M. X Poser 3D
  Morph manager for Poser.
This plugin is not maintained and is getting old.
Due to instability it is disabled on Windows 7 systems. Also sometimes crash on Exit on Vista.

Pattern Renamer 2.4 October 29, 2010 SENO Software All users

Mass renamer with pattern matching. more

PoserPython & Prpc 2.4.6 May 5 SENO Software & TromNek Poser 3D

Poser library palette replacement. Open/Save files into/from Poser and spawn Poser python scripts (it is recommended to read plugin help file before using).
PoserPython is composed of:
- This plugin by Seno Software.
- Poser Remote Procedure Call (prpc) by Kenneth R. Mort, aka Tromnek. Visit prpc home page for more.
PoserPython is currently using 1.34.39 version of Prpc. more

Rsr2Png 2.4.6 April 28 SENO Software Poser 3D
  Poser image image converter. Does .RSR and .PNG file formats - in both ways. more

TheSims 2.2.5 April 21 SENO Software Gamers
  Thumbnailer for the famous game "The Sim's".

RarExplorer 2.4 December 26, 2010 SENO Software All users
  Graphic Rar content viewer. more

ZipExplorer 2.4.6 April 28 SENO Software All users
  Graphic Zip content viewer. more