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September 28, 2018 - P3DO 2.6 R2 update

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P3DO pro - Store

Get your P3DO pro license

What you get with a license:
Serial Number to activate paying features in P3DO pro.
2 years with free updates (automatic updates notification)

After proceeding to checkout the serial will be e-mailed to you.
We do our best to send the key within a few minutes (including during weekends) but it can take as much as 24 hours.

Proceed to checkout for a P3DO pro 2.6 license


You will be redirected to Paypal payment website.
You may also purchase from Poser websites (direct store link - still 2.4.6 but you'll of course get a 2.6 license from us):
P3dO pro 2.4.6 at Renderosity Marketplace

Updates vs Upgrade

P3DO pro updates are freely available from our downloads section.
You are automatically notified when an update is available . You need not enter the key again, simply run the setup.
What we call an upgrade is the process of renewing your key.

When do I need to pay for an upgrade ?
You do so when your key has expired.
A key will never expire on itself but will do so beyond a given version update (i.e. if you do not update it will never expire).
When your key has expired you have 2 solutions:
Purchase a new license with the lower upgrade price - Click the price combo above to apply for that price.
Re-install the previous working version and the key will re-activate itself automatically.

How long will my key last ?
As said above it will never expire, what will expire is the ability to update to a newer version.
Keys are guaranted to offer at least 2 years with free updates. Generally speaking it last much longer but note that 2 years is the official duration.

Need more details ? don't hesitate to contact us.