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P3DO Explorer pro - Testimonials


P3DO was 10 years in 2010 - now 12. In these years I have had many praises for this software not counting my own ;)
Here are some of them.
Feel free to contribute, just scroll down. I do not publish names but everything below comes from mails or forum posts.

P3DO Users Testimonials

02/2013 Great product with a TON of really great features.
09/2012 [...] It is fantastic. Very fast help and answer from this vendor. Since I installed this tool I am using it every day. I realy recommend this tool to all horders like me.
02/2012 I have tried several of the organizer softwares for Poser and yours is the only one I have been able to actually get use out of. I like that I can just jump right in and it helps me find way through all of my content.
09/2011 I'd just like to echo the thoughts of everyone else here. P3DO Pro is a great app for ANY price. If you are an avid Poser user, you must have this application. Poser's inherent runtime library window is grossly inadequate, P3DO does what Poser should have done, and lots more.
I also can't say enough about the author. He responds quickly and professionally to all requests, fixes bugs quickly, and keeps the software fresh and relevant.
06/2011 I love your product. Just to let you know, I've been using Poser 8 and now 2010 [...] new library format. I use P3DO instead. It's perfect!
05/2011 I've been using this app for years. I started out with the free version, and after a year or so using that I went with the pro version. Best decision I've made in a long time. P3DO has allowed me to keep my Runtime organized and efficient. I can find things within a few seconds instead of minutes, sometimes hours, of searching manually.
I also can't say enough about the programmer. He is polite, prompt, and fixes bugs in a timely manner. He'll also add features if they make sense for more than just one user. You won't find service this good anywhere else.
05/2011 I thought I'd let you know how useful I find your application. I use Poser only to set up the scene and then export it to other apps to finish and render (usually Maya and Maxwell). Without your application I was having to keep detailed notes as to where textures were located. Now I let P3DO do the work.
05/2011 Your Software is great!!!
After a PC crash my Runtime folder is damaged, I have all Models cr2, but the Textures folder is partially destroyed.
Your Runtime Manager comes very handy now! It works like a charm. I am very happy with my purchase.
12/2010 A great programme, feature rich and well priced.
11/2010 I am a Carrara product creator, and there's nothing that can help more to find scenes, presets faster than P3DO. With it I can also edit all my thumbs, so I can create more personalized products.
As well I can arrange all my Poser content too, by just dragging around my Runtime folders.
A must have tool for any DazStudio, Poser and Carrara owner.
11/2010 ...[Senosoft] added full DAZ Studio support into the P3DO object manager within a few days after my request.
11/2010 ...[Senosoft] is constantly listening to his users; constantly improving his product.
11/2010 Marvelous program - very useful, especially for Poser 8
07/2010 I'm using now P3DO for years an it is for me the best solution for a library tool in Poser
07/2010 Very good product ! the best to my eyes after buying and testing more Poser tools. The 3D viewing on each asset with the ability to export UV map in any size is a must.
07/2010 Love P3DO, it's great. Almost 40Gb on Poser content under the hood, now. No way to do that the Poser way.
05/2010 I've been extremely happy with P3DO [...] Works like a charm, I'm using the "Explore Subfolders" option quite frequently to do simple searches for items in large folder structures.
05/2010 A must have... I was using the freeware version of P3DO but the commercial version is worth every cent paid for it. A very useful addon to your Poser runtime and to your PC. Highly recommended.
09/2009 Just a note to praise you highly! P3DO has been a fantastic help in my transition to Poser 8. After having to re-install all my content from the original archives, P3DO was intrumental in sorting all my external Runtimes and old legacy .rsr file conversion...
11/2008 Folks, I this is a "must-have" application for Poser users. I have been using the Pro version for almost 4 years. As a file manager for Poser I can't use Poser without P3DO. It is especially efficient if you build models, as a viewer, thumbnail generator and explorer for boning and texturing a new character or prop.
11/2008 I have the library of 8000+ poser downloads (more than 41 GB) neatly organized and manageable thanks to your great software.
11/2008 I've been using this product since it first came out. I was a "newbie" and it helped me so much to rename and organize files. Later, when I began making my own packages for sale for Poser, it helped me make rsr files. You can make about 50 of them in a few seconds. Then I discovered that you could take the rsr files that come in a lot of Poser zips and instantly make png's. I had been doing all this by hand before, and it was such a time-saver... (continued)
...Another big, big plus is that it's been consistently updated and each new feature is just a must have for the Poser user. I'm in the store today to get Version 2, because I believe it will be ever so helpful to look inside a PZ3 and see what I actually put in there. I always support quality products, and this is one of my very favorites... (continued)
...I just want to say thanks for making it in the first place, giving us the chance to try it out on a limited basis before buying, and then for the great support and upgrades which have come in so constantly as the 3d world changed. You didn't just make it and forget it. I've had that happen with so many "utilities" I've bought. This one hasn't let me down and so I have no qualms at all about purchasing Version 2, or the keys for future use. This product deserves support and I hope it will continue to be as strongly upgraded in the future....and I think it will. :O)
12/2007 This is a great tool for the price :-) I am not aware of any other programs that will let me view my library of poser models and 3d meshes in cob, 3ds, and other formats so easily and quickly. Not to mention all the other features available for file management.
Tom Repasky
Flicker Light Studio
04/2007 P3DO is a very good product for the price. I've had mine since 2004 and the updates have come along like clockwork. Not often that I can say software has more features than I can keep track of or use, but this is one.
"...I've found your program to be very practical and useful in general. I've spent a great deal of money on Poser software and models this year, and P3DO is definitely one of my best buys..."
"...After two days of playing with the Poser features, I have been wondering why I did not purchase your application much earlier ...I am very happy with this purchase...."