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P3dO Explorer pro - File Formats

P3dO is a viewer and manager for both 2D and 3D files and other types of file formats too.
Below is a list of all 40+ image and 38 3D file extensions viewed by P3dO. Icons beside each file format indicate what P3dO is able to do with each of them.

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.bmp .dib Microsoft Windows Bitmap      
.cel Autodesk Cel    
.crw Digital Camera Raw format   icon
.cut Dr. Halo    
.dds DirectDraw Surface    
.dpx .cin Dgital Picture Exchange - Cineon Image    
.dsi Daz Studio Layered Image    
.eps Encapsulated PostScript    
.exr OpenEXR High Dynamic Range   icon
.flx Lightwave Flexible Precision Image   icon
.gif Compuserve Graphics Interchange (+ gif animation)      
.hdr Radiance High Dynamic Range (screenshot)  
.ico Microsoft Windows Icon  
.icl Icon Library File   icon
.icb Truevision images    
.jpg .jpeg Joint Photographic Experts Group JFIF format      
.jfif .jpe JPEG JFIF Compliant    
.pic Autodesk Pic    
.pcd Kodak Photo-CD    
.pcx .pcc ZSoft Paintbrush    
.png Portable Network Graphic      
.psd .pdd Adobe Photoshop Bitmap    
.pbm Portable bitmap    
.pgm Portable Greymap    
.ppm Portable Pixelmap    
.psp Paint Shop Pro Image    
.pxr Pixar Image    
.rgb .rgba SGI true color    
.rla Wavefront RLA    
.rpf Rich Pixel Format    
.rle Microsoft Windows RLE bitmap    
.rsr Poser Rsr image      
.scr Word 5.x screen capture    
.sgi SGI Graphic    
.tga Truevision Targa    
.tif .tiff Tagged Interchange File Format  
.tpl Nintendo Texture Palette Library     (first texture)
.vda Truevision images    
.vst Truevision images    
.win Truevision images    
.wmf .emf Microsoft Windows Metafile    

3D Mesh

.cr2 .crz Poser Figure        
.hr2 .hrz Poser Hair        
.pp2 .ppz Poser Prop        
.pz3 .pzz Poser Scene        
.obj .obz Wavefront Object        
.duf Daz Studio User file (Poses only)      
.daz Daz Studio Scene    
.dzc Daz Studio Content config   icon
.dzo Daz Studio Object   icon
.dzm Daz Studio Morphs   icon
.car Carrara Scene File        
.hxn Daz Hexagon File    
.3dm .3dmf 3D Metafile      
.3ds 3D Studio Mesh      
.asc 3D Studio Ascii      
.prj 3D Studio Project file      
.max 3D Studio Max Scene   (Max shell dll)
.cob .coa Caligari Truespace Object (Ascii)      
.dxf Autocad Dxf      
.geo .obj VideoScape (Mesh & Blender Obj)      
.iob Imagine Object      
.iv Open Inventor      
.lp Lightscape Prep      
.lwo LightWave Object      
.lxo Luxology Modo      
.md2 Quake 2 model (1st frame)      
.rbs RealiMation RealiBase      
.rtg Maya RTG      
.rwx Active Worlds Renderware      
.sbp ShopBot Part      
.scene Sculpt3D Scene      
.stl StereoLithography Interface Format      
.kml .kmz Keyhole Markup Language   icon
.wrl Virtual Reality Modeling Language      
.x DirectX (Ascii)      
.xgl .zgl OpenGL XGL/ZGL      
.qdm Quidam Model      
.xyz XYZ Format      
.veg Vue d'Esprit Vegetation     (no update since Vue 6)
.vob Vue d'Esprit Object    
.vue Vue d'Esprit Landscape    
.rds Ray Dream Studio   icon
.br4 to .br7 Bryce Scene   (with Bryce renders)
.br3 Bryce 3 Scene   icon
.brc Bryce 2 Scene   icon
.obp Bryce Object Library   icon
.cmx The SIMs Description File   icon
.iff The SIMs Object File  
.skn The SIMs Mesh File   icon

Texture / Material / Shader

.mt5 .mz5 Poser Material      
.mc6 .mcz Poser Material Collection      
.bum Poser Bump Map    
.lt2 .ltz Poser Light    
.cm2 .cmz Poser Camera    
.mtl Wavefront Object material  
.dzv Daz Studio Value component   icon
.cbr Carrara Browser File        
.uvs UVMapper Texture coordiantes   icon
.atm Vue d'Esprit Atmosphere    
.mat Vue d'Esprit Material    
.fnc Vue d'Esprit Function File    
.flt Vue d'Esprit Filter   icon
.clr Vue d'Esprit Color Map   icon
.brt Bryce Texture Library   icon
.bsk Bryce Sky/Fog Presets   icon
.mat Bryce Material Library   icon
.shd Bryce 2 Material Library   icon
.sky Bryce 2 Sky/Fog Presets   icon
.flr The SIMs Floor Texture  
.lgt The SIMs Light   icon


.pz2 .p2z Poser Pose        
.fc2 .fcz Poser Face    
.hd2 .hdz Poser Hand      
.anme Anime Studio Document  
.ani Microsoft Animated Icon   icon
.asf Streaming Audio/Video   icon
.avi Microsoft Audio/Video Interleave   icon
.bvh Biovision Hierarchical Data (screenshot)      
.qdp Quidam Pose  
.cfp The SIMs Animation File   icon
.gif Compuserve Animated Gif      
.mov Quick Time Movie   icon
.mpg .mpeg Mpeg Video   icon
.wmv Audio/Video Windows Media   icon
.seq Renderware Sequence File   icon


.phi Poser Hierarchy File   icon
.pcf Poser Coded Figure File   icon
.ds .dsa Daz Studio Script Ascii  
.dsb Daz Studio Script Binary  
.dse Daz Studio Script Encrypted  
.dsx Daz Studio Script Xml  
.mid MIDI Sequence   icon
.wav Microsoft Windows Wave   icon
.mp3 Mpeg Audio Layer   icon
.7z 7-Zip Archive File  
.rar Rar Archive File  
.zip Zip Archive File  
.gz GZip Archive (single file, no tarball)  
.cbr .cbz Comic Book Archive  
.txt Text File   icon
.htm .html HTML Document   icon
.far The SIMs File Archive   icon