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How to be informed on P3DO updates

We offer 3 ways to be informed for updates: Newsletter, Twitter and P3DO updates notification module.
Read below to select which is more appropriate for you.
Since we update often it is recommended to use at least one of these services.


Latest Newsletter

September 2018 - P3DO Organizer 2.6 Newsletter

OBJ exporter - W10 fix here

other Newsletters

When ? What ?

We publish a letter each time a new version of P3DO is available. That is about 2/3 times a year.
The e-mail you provide here, will only used by Senosoft and only for the Newsletter.

Troubleshooting: In case of problems getting the newsletter make sure to allow the following e-mail address in your inbox mail client: noreply_at_senosoft_dot_com

Suscribe/Unsuscribe to the Newsletter

In order to suscribe to the P3DO Newsletter fill the "(enter e-mail address)" field with your e-mail and then click submit.
In order to unsuscribe, do the same as above but select "Remove" before submitting your request.

News on Twitter

We also publish news on Twitter.

Twitter news are published for every upload inluding beta, bug fixes, and also ongoing work information.
This is some kind of tiny blog for P3DO work in progress.
If you want to be informed on next P3DO schedules, this is the place.

P3DO updates notification

Activate P3DO updates notification module to be informed when a new version is uploaded.
We highly recommend using this user friendly service.
P3DO updates notification settings are available in Options dialog, Updates tab.

Online Newsletters

September 2018 - P3DO Organizer 2.6 Newsletter

DUF Poses viewing - Partial Face - Luxology MODO 3D viewing here

September 2016 - P3DO Explorer 2.5 Newsletter

DUF Poses viewing - Partial Face - Luxology MODO 3D viewing here

May 2012 - P3DO Explorer 2.4.6 Newsletter

Open Partial Pose - Posing from ZIP - External Runtimes here

November 2010 - P3DO Explorer 2.4 Newsletter

ZipInstaller - Find dialog - Poser navigation history here

April 2010 - P3DO Explorer 2.3 Newsletter

10th anniversary - Multi-Runtime Search - Carrara thumbnails editor here

October 2009 - P3DO Explorer 2.2.5 Newsletter

Daz Carrara - Daz Hexagon - Rsr2Png auto here

May 2009 - P3DO Explorer 2.2 Newsletter

Find dialog - Repository - PoserPython - Awk Directory manager here

December 2008 - P3DO Explorer 2.1 Newsletter


October 2008 - P3DO Explorer 2.0 Newsletter

Thumbnails Cache - Poser cloths recognition - Gif animation here


October 2007 - P3DO Explorer 1.9.5 Newsletter

Poser Poses animation here