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January 17, 2020 - P3DO 2.7 R2 update

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P3DO Organizer - Features

P3DO Organizer is a software for viewing and managing 3D Objects, & Digital Pictures with a simple Explorer-ish look and feel.
P3DO is also a major Poser 3D library manager.
P3DO stands for Photo 3D Exploration software.

View, organize, print your pictures and do basic transformations (rotation).
Explore 3D file structures (attachments), view some of them (OBJ & MD2).
P3DO also gives ZIPs and RARs a thumbnail making it an invaluable tool for sorting out your archives.

Poser 3D     Other 3D     Digital Photography   

Detailed Features list

Support all popular (40+) images files formats >>
Image preview and Image zooming >>
Transform (rotate) or convert pictures >>
Customizable auto focus image zoom >>
Thumbnail, tile, large icon, small icon, details mode >>
Thumbnails from ZIP / RAR >>
Slide show and per selection slide show mode >>
Catalogue print and single picture print >>
Custom Favorites >>
3D Objects (OBJ, MD2) viewer >>
3D files Explorer >>
Poser Library Manager >>
Open Poser files from anywhere on the disk >>
  Subfolders Exploration & file name search >>
  Mass renaming & Hand renaming >>

... and also


P3dO Explorer is freeware. Although close relative to P3dO Explorer pro it is in no way a demo of the latter. No trial period, no demoware : completely free of use unlimited image viewer.


Runs on any Windows system except Windows 95.
This 32 application Runs fine under 64 bits.