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January 21, 2022 - P3DO 2.9 R3

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Key features

Here are Key P3DO features availability compared between P3DO and P3DO pro.

Poser 3D     40 3D formats viewing     3D animation     Digital Photography    ZIP/RAR/7Z

File manager   Subfolder exploration
    Repository: secondary multi-purpose thumbnail view  
Find dialog   Search for files
  Search by Poser categories
  Multi-Runtime search  
  Look for keywords into Poser compressed files  
2D 40+ images file formats thumbnails & zoom
  HDR (High Dynamic Range) thumbnails & zoom (screenshot)  
  Pictures channel splitter (for Red, Green, Blue and Alpha)  
2D/3D   Thumbnails, Tiles viewing
  Thumbnails cache (including 3D files cache)
  Vue d'Esprit thumbnails
3D Viewing Wavefront Objects (OBJ), Quake MD2 models (1st frame)
  Poser Props (PP2), Hairs (HR2), Figures (CR2), PZ3, Hands (HD2) - including compressed formats  
  AW Renderware RWX : including Zipped masks, password support, AW 4.1 support  
  3DS, LWO, DXF, COB, WRL, XSI,... 38 formats in all. Visit P3dO pro's file formats page for detailed list  
  UV Map viewer (ability to select dimension and save the Map)  
Animation BVH & Poser Poses player (skeletal animation) (screenshot)  
  Animated texture & Sprite viewer (flat files)  
  GIF animation  
Zip Rar 7z Cbr Cbz Gz   Thumbnail from first picture in archive file
  Windows context menu on ZIP archives
    Thumbnails and zoom from all pictures in archive (except tiff)
Basic password support (password included in name)
    3D render without unzipping (including textures)  
  ReadMe text files viewer  
    Poser files Zip Installer  
Poser Runtimes   External Runtimes support (more)  
Scene Manager   Show all files contained in a 3D Scene in a single thumbnailed view  
    Delete a whole Scene in one operation (thumbnails & few clicks)  
    Copy/Move a Scene from one Runtime/Directory to another.
Runtime manager: Tool to Split, Merge or Clean Runtimes.
  Copy/Move a Poser directory (complete scenes) to another Runtime  
  Poser cloth figure detection (detect a cloth belongs to Victoria,...)  
Librarian Poser & Daz|Studio Runtimes explorer wizard that generates a html listing of missing files and wrong path references.  
PoserPython Open into Poser without the need of using the Poser Library palette.
  Open Partial Poses - Faces - Hands - Materials - INJ/REM (more)  
  Open Poses from archives into Poser  
Daz Carrara Carrara thumbnails
  Carrara thumbnails Editor  
  Scene Manager for Carrara  
Image rotation Rotate images for better viewing (saving is optionnal)
Image conversion Basic single file Save As to convert between BMP, JPG, PNG, GIF, RSR
Mass Image conversion Converter wizard that converts all supported pictures formats to JPG, PNG or BMP  
3D Object conversion Single Save as that saves any supported 3D file format to Wavefront Object (OBJ) with options to center, scale, save normals,...  
Poser pictures Automatically generates missing Poser thumbnails from 3D Render  
  Basic editor to convert between RSR and PNG file formats
  Rsr2Png - Mass Poser image converter
    Rsr2Png - Wizard for Poser runtimes
Convert in subfolders mode
Custom sized RSR
Favorites   Favorites Folders for quick navigation
  Favorites Folders updater for Poser  
    Explore Favorites - similar to Explore subfolders  
    Favorites in Repository - allow to have both Favorites and Folders open  
Renaming   Handy dialog for manual files set renaming
    Pattern Renamer - Easy to use mass renamer
    Pattern Renamer - Rename in subfolders mode  
Copy Location   Copies list of files to the clipboard
  Copy a 3D Scene file list to the clipboard  
Layout   Layout configuration (viewing layout, navigation layout,...)
    Extended Layout manager (unlimited named layouts)  
Layout   Layout configuration (viewing layout, navigation layout,...)
Printing   Print a whole directory