P3dO translation

Why we need your help

Translations are important in modern computing. They value a software and give great help to non english speaking people.
Because Senosoft can't afford paying for translations we are asking you to give us a hand. If you consider your time is worth something anyway, then read at the bottom of this page: and let's make a deal.

Upgrading a translation requires less than 1 hour of your time. Any help is greatly appreciated.

Existing translations

Below are the already existing translations. If the translation is up to date but you still want to help just contact me so that I drop you a line once your skill is needed.
The download link contains all P3dO translations and translation instructions in Excel format.
I'd appreciate a mail, but you are free to proceed as you feel it.

  Last update By Need your help ? Download
Brazilian 1.9 Marcelo Teixeira Little to do, partially upgraded to 2.1 from Portuguese Download
Deutsch 2.1 Sabine Need Help Download
Espanol 2.3 Luis Salgado Duarte Up to date - Luis will do 2.4  
Francais 2.4 Seno Software Up to date - Yarp will do 2.5  
Italiano 1.9 Fulvio Need Help Download
Nederlands 2.3 Frans Up to date  
Portugues 2.1 Victor Almeida Up to date - Victor will do 2.3  
Suomi 1.7.5   Need Help Download
Svenska 2.4 Jennifer Lind Up to date - Jennifer will do 2.5  

More languages welcome

If your language is not in the above list, we would gladly support it.
At the moment P3dO doesn't support extended character sets (Chinese, Japanese, Russian,...). Sorry.

    What is needed Download
    600+ strings Download

Want to get paid for your work ?

Translation is a value add for P3dO and for this reason we agree to pay for your work.
But... we don't have no money, so here's the deal:
- For a new language translation, you get a P3dO pro license.
- For a year long language maintenance (roughly 2 updates a year), you get a P3dO pro license.
In case you're interested please contact us.