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P3DO pro 2.9 R3
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January 21, 2022

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December 2021 / January 2022

PoserPython 2.9
May 13, 2021

OCT 2007
Senosoft is glad to announce that 1.9.5 is now available.

Go get it on the P3dO pro download page or on the P3dO download page (if you're using the free version).
A note for Poser users: it is highly recommended to get the plugins pack too.

As usual free version improvements:
- Drag'n Drop has been improved. Now fully compatible with other Windows application (in and out).
- DDS (DirectDraw surface) image format added.
- PoserPython plugin replicate the Poser Python script palette in P3dO tools menu so that you can spawn your favorite scipts at once (use it while Prpc is running).
- PatternRenamer updated with Truncate options.
- The Rename dialog now has an option to show/hide the file extensions. This greatly speed up renaming.

And more for the pro version:
- Fix on severall 3D file formats (3DS, DXF,..) that loaded textures incorrectly.
- BVH and Poser Poses viewer with 3D bones instead of the linear 2D ones.
- Poser Poses animation is now supported.
- CR2/PZ3 preview has been quite improved. Characters and Props now have their correct position in a scene.
- A grid and hidden geometries options added to the 3D renderer.
- AwkPlugin with a new dialog : Manage Scene, for copying/moving a scene (or part of it) to another Poser runtime.

Some word about 3D bones.
With 3D bones the BVH/PZ2 animation player now has a much more readable form. The player itself needs some more work like the ability to track a moving object and to save the animation to GIF or AVI, this will come next.
PZ3 animation will also be available in a near future (2.0 ;), as well I plan more 3D animation formats.

...and about Awk's Manage Scene
AwkPlugin Scene Manager is a new Poser libraries management tool. It is not to be confused with P3dO's Scene Manager. They both manage a 3D scene but in a different way.
P3dO's one is a multi-folder quick copy/paste, renaming, editing, zipping tool, while Awk Scene Manager is a complementary tool to copy/move files to another Runtime saving or restoring the directory structure.
In a word Awk Scene Manager is able to copy files from 1 directory to severall.
It can be used to organize your Poser Runtimes or install an unzipped scene into Poser.
btw Zip capabilities will be added to Awk Scene Manager and it will then replace ZipInstaller.

An important internal change : because of Windows Vista security P3dO data have been moved from "Program Files" to to "My Documents".
The exact path being : "Documents and Settings\<user_name>\Application Data\P3dO Explorer". P3dO does the updating automatically but in case something goes wrong, that's where Favorites, SendTo, Librarian data and Poses templates should be copied.
Plugins had to be updated to accomodate this change, that's why some plugins prior to 1.9.5 won't be compatible with further versions (no problem for veteran Morph Manager).

And now en route to 2.0 ;)


Feel free to contact me and to submit any improvement you would like to be added to P3dO.

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