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P3DO pro 2.9 R3
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January 21, 2022

P3DO pro 2.9 R3 release candidate
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December 2021 / January 2022

PoserPython 2.9
May 13, 2021

P3dO 2.4 massive update

NOV 2010
Lots of new features, lots of improvements make this version one of the most massive update in P3dO history. So I am sorry but this is also a massive Newsletter.


Go get 2.4 on the download page.
Note to Poser users: you have to download 2.4 Poser plugins pack too.

2.4 new features

ZipInstaller 2.4 - Poser dedicated unzipper
Find dialog
Directory Tree - Poser Categories colored nodes
Poser Navigation history
Enhanced Favorites
Runtime Manager 2.3.3
Pattern Renamer 2.4
RGBA layers viewer
OBJ exporter update
OBJ exporter update
3DS Max thumbnails
Alpha channel & RGBA layers viewer
DDS, TPL, PXR images formats
EXIF data

ZipInstaller 2.4 - Poser dedicated unzipper

ZipInstaller purpose is to:
Install from ZIP into Poser Runtimes.
Uninstall from a previous ZIP extraction.

Compared to 2.3 version, ZipInstaller 2.4 is a new software: new interface and much more features.

Install from ZIP
ZipInstaller will list a Zip content, showing pictures thumbnails, collisions, Poser references and... will check if the Zip extraction paths matches the ones contained in the main Figure file.
Helper dots (  ) will indicate if you may unzip as-is or not.
Also, ZipInstaller will list Poser References not found in the Archive

In case of error ( ) simply click the Scene button to fix destination paths. Very simple.

Path error detection and fix, missing references, Collision detection, thumbnails. ZipInstaller is a very rich Poser unzipper.

The uninstall doesn't require an Unsetup list or anything like that, simply open the ZIP again with ZipInstaller and select the Uninstall tab.
The plugin will detect the files that have been installed from this ZIP.
Click Uninstall, et voila !
Like Awk does empty directories will be removed as well.

Find dialog

Show directory content option
That little check-box is a blessing.
By clicking "Show directory content" all directories whose name match your query will be populated and their content shown in P3dO's search result set.
Little box, powerful effect: type "Victoria V3 V4" in document name, check "Any term" and "Show directory content" and P3dO will fetch all your Victoria stuff.

Sort by directory
This new sort option is the consequence of the above. Sort by directory is set automatically each time you perform a Search, Explore subfolders or Explore Favorites (new with 2.3.5, see June update), and unset when you navigate as usual.
Thus the above "Victoria" search will be sorted by directory.
A directory icon will indicate a directory change in the thumbnails view.

Enhanced find
As for the Find dialog itself you may now refine your search and ask for All terms, Any terms or Exact phrase when looking for a file:
- All terms: i.e "V4 shoes" will return Victoria shoes files,
- Any term: i.e "V4 shoes" will return both Victoria and shoes files (including non Vicky shoes),
- Exact phase: i.e "V4 shoes" will only return files whose name matches "*V4 shoes*".

Directory Tree - Poser Categories with colored nodes

In the nightmare jungle of your numerous Poser Runtimes, Categories, sub-categories and even sub-categories sub-directories here comes colored directory nodes per Poser Category.
Needless to say this is a great visual helper for many operations.
Color is the same as the file extension block in thumbnails view.
Of course other Categories not shown in the side snapshot are colored too, but also Textures and Geometry nodes.

Poser Navigation history - Poser Categories Popup menu

I updated the Popup Runtime directory list popup menu which is now reflecting your Poser navigation, like Poser does.
See side snapshot for what it gives.
This will be another great time saver while browsing your Poser libraries.

Enhanced Favorites

Did you know ?
That little drop down button at the top of P3dO docking Windows is a menu.
In the case of Repository it gives you the ability to switch the Repository to other views like: Favorites, My documents, any custom directory,...
Thus you may use the Repository as your Favorites navigation system, and then have both Favorites and directory tree at the same time.
In order to better use this feature the ability to customize the Repository thumbnails has been added (a Tiled view is the best imho).
Explore Favorites command has been added to context menu. This is the same as Explore subfolders but where the subfolders would be your Favorites.
Find command has been added to folder links to quickly perform a Find from the Favorites nodes (Find command has also been added to Directory cells in thumbnails view).
Add to Favorites new dialog that will retain previous directory and Favorites icons automatically customized to the corresponding Poser Category (like PoserFavorite plugin does).

Runtime Manager 2.3.3

Runtime Manager, aka AwkPlugin, aka Scene Manager is a most convenient tool to manage your Poser Runtime directories.

What can I do with Runtime Manager ?
Scene Manager
    Delete (uninstall) a 3D Scene and References at once
    Move a 3D Scene and References to another Runtime
Empty directories are deleted after the operation !
This not only for Poser but for other 3D file formats supported by P3dO as well: Carrara, 3DS, LWO,...

Directory Manager
For Poser only there's also a Directory Manager that will grab all Scenes on a given P3dO set (directory, subdirectories, search result,...) and do the same as above (Delete or Move complete directories).
Directory manager is the tool to arrange your Poser Runtimes: split a Runtime, Merge 2 Runtimes, do the basic cleanup and management.

Pattern Renamer 2.4

Pat 2.4 comes with a handy 3 files WYSIWYG preview (see snapshot below) of your renaming settings and a new concept in mass renaming called: templates.
There are 4 templates available:
Directory Name
Modified Date
Creation Date
Pat already used templates for Renumbering and you'll see usage is the same, except there is a supplementary step: clicking the "Add Template" button to insert other templates.
Date templates customization (Day, Month, Year) is not that user friendly, this will be improved.
Note that it is possible to insert regular characters between templates.

Another feature is smooth refreshing: Past versions of Pat refreshed the whole P3dO thumbnails when updating. That one will just refresh the renamed cells, and the selection will remain unchanged, allowing another mass renaming on the same set.

OBJ exporter update

Did you know ?
Since 1.9, you may convert current 3D scene to OBJ. Well, this is the purpose of that button and is based on the Save As dialog.
The whole exporter has been reviewed, simplified and new options added to generate MTL Texture paths.

Tip when exporting to OBJ click that check box ("Prompt for formats options"). This will automatically show the format options dialog once you have selected the file name.

3DS Max thumbnails

Special mention for this cute feature.
P3dO is showing system thumbnails provided by Max shell extension. So you must have Max (or the shell extension) to see something.

If you know other Paint or 3D software with Windows thumbnails don't hesitate to report them to me, I will add those asap. btw Paint Shop Pro and Painter Windows like Explorer thumbnails support are coming soon.

Anime Studio thumbnails

Anime Studio thumbnails are associated to Anime Studio files in the same way as P3dO does for Poser, Daz Studio and Bryce.
This is the first in a series of Updates to add Anime Studio support to P3dO.
Anime Studio now has a Poser like content manager but no doubt P3dO is far far ahead.

Alpha channel & RGBA layers viewer

I reviewed a number of image loaders to add RGBA information to the InDepth tree.
These are: DDS, TGA, PSD, TIFF and BMP formats.

RGBA layer viewing is a feature which already exists in P3dO.
It is the ability to combine Red, Green, Blue and Alpha individually, or select any combination, by checking the appropriate check box in InDepth tree.

I reviewed this and added a ctrl+W shortcut to allow switching from keyboard.

As well ctrl+T has been added to set Transparent and Opaque picture preview from keyboard. Note that when "Opaque" preview is set, layer switch will loop through RGB channels, regardless of existing Alpha channel in picture.

New pictures formats and updates

Direct Draw Surface (DDS): I completed the already existing DDS reader. P3dO is now supporting the most common DDS resources formats:
A8R8G8B8, X8R8G8B8, A8B8G8R8, X8B8G8R8, R8G8B8, A4R4G4B4, X4R4G4B4, A8L8, V8U8, DXT1, DXT3, DXT5 and ATI2 (aka 3Dc aka BC5_UNORM).
Some others are coming, to complete the recommended requirement of a DirectX DDS viewer.
Nintendo Texture Palette Library (TPL): I8, RGB5A3, RGBA8 and CMPR formats, first texture only. So far, P3dO is the only TPL browser. If you need some other TPL formats, I just need TPL sample files to provide them.
Pixar image (PXR). Probably not complete, I did this one on my own from Photoshop exported pictures.

EXIF data

P3dO is now showing Jpeg EXIF data in the InDepth tree. From Archives as well of course.
This first version is intended to validate the EXIF parsing, so feel free to contact me for any oddities. I expect a plural, here :).
Landscape vs Portrait, IPTC and GPS information are yet to come. I promise soon.

Other additions and fix

Thumbnails cache speed has been improved - should say fixed - and your pictures thumbnails will now load almost instantly.
InDepth tree list INJ/REM content.
Poser displacement maps added to the Poser references list in InDepth tree and a bug fix on INJ/REM references.
MTL added to the OBJ references list.
Poser viewer deeper search for Textures (now similar to Poser).
Pose viewer allow viewing of partial PZ2 (body parts).
ZipExplorer fixed number of files issue.
Thumbnails view auto scroll when dragging over the edges.
Rsr2Png 2.3.4 updated UI
shift + delete will definitely delete a file like in Windows Explorer
Custom Formats in options dialog: add new extensions to P3dO's internal filter list
Directory tree: Faster in both expanding and refreshing.
Fixed: when renaming a directory, the renamed node is automatically sorted.
Fixed: navigation history and I updated to Vista like history navigation.
Fixed: Carrara References list in Scene Manager (2.3 bug).
Fixed: thumbnail vanish when dropping (copy) a file on a Tree node.
Fixed: crash when reading some Zipped/Rared picture formats (PSP, PCX and probably some others).

Contribute to P3dO - Looking for translators

Dutch translation updated, thank you again Frans.
Spanish translation updated, thanks to Luis Salgado Duarte. Thank you so much Luis.
French translation updated by me.

The following translations need a serious update:     

If you have time and skill I would appreciate your contribution.
Please contact me if interested and get a P3dO pro license for your time.


The now traditionnal Christmas update next month with a PoserPython update you will find very useful.
2.4.5 will start in December or January as work in progress on 2.5.
2.5 will focus on formats: new pictures formats, existing pictures formats update and new 3D formats.
A couple Poser plugins updates, including ZipInstaller, now a major P3dO plugin.

Automatic updates notification
There's an automatic updates notification module in P3dO (see Options dialog, Updates tab).
In order to get notified for 2.4.5 you've got to select the "All (intermediary, beta, plugins)". Otherwise next notification will be for 2.5.
We highly recommend that you activate P3dO Updates module.
We also opened a Twitter blog to keep you informed of latests news, schedules and bug fix.


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