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May 13, 2021

Open Partial Pose

MAY 2012
Frankly, there hasn't been many updates since 2.4 - but also there has been no license expiration for more than 12 months :)
The reason is I have been very busy professionnaly, and also doing more Poser.
Now, I am preparing a major update for this fall or Winter, and as usual will release intermediary updates with ongoing finished stuff.

This version - 2.4.6 - is nevertheless the 6th update since 2.4 and this newsletter will focus on the most interesting features introduced. And one is really cute : I love Open Partial Pose.


Go get 2.4.6 on the download page.
Note to Poser users: don't forget to download 2.4.6 Poser plugins pack too.

2.4.6 new features

Open Partial Pose
Open Poses from ZIP
External Runtimes
Explore Favorites command
Quidam 3D viewer
7-Zip archive support
Poser XMP support
Objaction Mover plugin

PoserPython 2.4.6 - Open Partial Poses - Open from ZIP

What is Open Partial Poses ? Strip a Pose of unwanted elements while loading into Poser, thus applying only part of the Pose.
How to use ?
  • Click a Pose or Material (PZ2 or MT5)
  • Click PoserPython button on InDepth toolbar and select: Open Partial Pose
  • Unselect the actors or materials you don't want to be applied
  • Click Ok

Not only for Poses
Open Partial Pose is for Poses, Materials, INJ/REM, Hands and Faces.
Compressed or uncompressed, zipped or not.

Open from ZIP
You may now open a Pose in Poser directly from a zip file. Simply double-click it.
Available for Poses, Hands, Faces, INJ/REM, Materials, Lights, Cameras - compressed or not. Figures, Hairs and Props are not supported.
If the Pose has references - textures for a material, scripts for an INJ/REM - these should have been unzipped before. So it is designed for and more suitable to Poses.

Visit PoserPython's Open Partial Pose page for more.


External Runtimes

What is an external Runtimes ?
As you guess it is a Runtime which is not listed within Poser or Daz Studios Runtimes list.
A lot of you people have been asking me to support that kind of Runtimes : done.
Runtime Manager now has a new menu entry (Tools menu): "Poser/Daz Runtimes List" in which you may easily plug and unplug Runtimes. Those Runtimes will only be visible to P3dO, but P3dO will treat them as regular Runtimes.
Only visible to P3dO means you can't use them to open a file in Poser. You know, you may still open a Pose or a Face - You are just bound to Poser limitations when opening outside a regular Runtime.

Visit Runtime Manager's Runtimes List page for more.

Quidam 3D viewer

N-Sided Quidam is an oustanding Character modeling Software. I like it very much, for its ease of use and completeness.
Quidam also comes with a library containing Hair, Cloths, Props, Poses and because It is more convenient to browse 3D libraries with P3dO I went to work on this. And so...

When browsing Quidam and Argile libraries P3dO is showing QDM (Quidam Models) and QDP (Quidam Poses) thumbnails at a larger size than Quidam does.
And a 3D preview of QDM meshes with the usual list of attached references (Textures) and the ability to read from archives.

All you need to select the best props to fit your Quidam QUI in progress or to preview your own QDMs (complex Figure with attached Props).
Figures, Props, Hairs, Cloths, Furniture,... P3dO will show all.

note N-Sided gave me all requested information about the QDM format. Because export plugins are addons to Quidam, export of QDM to OBJ is not possible in P3dO.

Explore Favorites

2 improvements added to the Favorites menu:
Right click context menu which allow deleting Favorites. Rather tricky to use, you have to right click before the submenu pops up :(
Explore Favorites command added to all submenus and also to the above Popup. I recall that Explore Favorites will populate all links from a Favorites node, it is some kind of Explore subfolders for Favorites.

Other additions and fix

Poser XMP support - only author's comments at the moment. More coming with 2.5.
7-Zip archive support added to RAR, ZIP, CBR and CBZ. 7-Zip browser is a bit slow but it works the same as the RAR plugin.
Objaction Mover plugin - Objaction Mover plugin is inspired from Objaction Mover tool. I tried to keep the spirit alive while adding some combo, and the usual P3dO plugins stuff.

Contribute to P3dO - Looking for translators

Dutch translation updated, thank you again Frans.
Spanish translation updated, thanks to Luis Salgado Duarte. Thank you so much Luis.
French translation updated by me.

The following translations need a serious update:     

If you have time and skill I would appreciate your contribution.
Please contact me if interested and get a P3dO pro license for your time.


2.5 will be available this summer or this fall. Not many changes compared to 2.4.6, but great changes I promise, and you will appreciate I am sure.
Also a couple of Poser plugins updates - there are lots of things to improve there.
So, don't forget to activate the updates notification to get the hotest 2.5.

Automatic updates notification
There's an automatic updates notification module in P3dO (see Options dialog, Updates tab).
In order to get notified for 2.4.6 updates you've got to select the "All (intermediary, beta, plugins)". Otherwise next notification will be for 2.5.
We highly recommend that you activate P3dO Updates module.
There is also a Twitter blog to keep you informed of latests news, schedules and bug fix.


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