P3DO Plugins - Runtimes List

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Compatible with P3dO 2.4.6 and above


Runtimes List shows the list of Poser and Daz Runtimes which P3dO is using internally.
The list should reflect all the Runtimes listed in your Poser and your Daz Studi application. In case the list doesn't reflect that content you have to Run the Poser Folders Wizard from Assistant menu and follow instructions.

(pro) Runtimes List also gives you the ability to add External Runtimes.
P3dO treats External Runtimes as regular Runtimes. Note that these Runtimes are only added to P3dO Runtimes, but not to Poser.
The advantage of using these Runtimes is for your own file management. Also it gives the ability to use P3dO Runtime oriented management tools (Librarian, Rsr2Png, PoserFavorite and Runtime Manager) and Poser 3D viewing.
Since they are not registered in Poser you cannot use them with PoserPython, except of course when all the references belong to a regular Runtime or to the same directory.

How to use

Runtimes List is a simple list with just 2 (pro) features:
Add External Select a directory and add it to the Runtimes list. That directory must have a Poser like Runtime structure. Once added the directory is set as "External"
Remove You may remove External Runtimes with this button.

note Only External Runtimes are manageable with Runtimes List, otherwise it simple gives a list of your regular Runtimes.