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Compatible with P3dO 2.3.5 and above


© Maz 1999
This plugin is directly inspired from Maz's Objaction Mover, with personal authorization from Maz.
Here is Maz's desription of the Objaction Mover:

"This program, the Objaction Mover, allows modified Poser figures to be transferred by email or any other means without transferring the original copyright figure."

Poser Geometries (OBJ) are most of the time copyright protected and you cannot distribute them freely on the Internet. A number of these OBJ are installed with Poser, so people distributing a Figure file (CR2, PP2, HR2) may do so without the need to distribute the OBJ, and thus without violating the copyright rule.
But what if you use a modified version of the OBJ in one of your project ? That modified OBJ still retains a number of protected polygons, and you may not share it.

This is where the Objaction Move comes in handy.
By creating a difference file, so called Poser Coded Figure file (PCF), between the original OBJ (aka Seed OBJ), and the Modified file, you may distribute your work. Because the user has to own the the Seed OBJ in order to be able to decode the PCF.

The Objaction Mover is used both to encode a modified OBJ into PCF, and decode a modified OBJ from a PCF.

How to use

From P3dO select a modified OBJ (Code) or PCF (decode). This step is optionnal.
Click Tools | Mover. The above Mover dialog will show
Select Encode or Decode, select the required file names.
Click Convert.


Seed OBJ Select the unmodified geometry from which the modification comes from.
Modified OBJ This is the modified geometry.
Encoded PCF This is the encoded file. It should be the same name as the Modified OBJ (except the extension).
Seed OBJ as read from PCF Helper information when decoding. This file name is extracted from the PCF and must match the Seed OBJ you selected.

Encode to PCF
You have modified an OBJ and want to code it into PCF.

Seed OBJ Original Geometry from which the Modified OBJ comes from.
Modified OBJ Your work.
The "Encoded PCF" field will be automatically filled.

Decode to OBJ
You have downloaded a PCF and want to decode it into OBJ. You need to have the original Seed file for this.

Seed OBJ Original Geometry from which the Modified OBJ comes from.
Encoded PCF The PCF you downloaded.
The "Modified OBJ" and "Original Seed OBJ" field will be automatically filled.

Mover plugin vs Objaction Mover

Mover plugin interface is slightly different from the original Objaction Mover.
However features are the same. PCF generated by the Mover plugin will be read by the original Objaction Mover and the contrary as well.


P3dO Mover plugin - SENO Software ©, 2011. See main help file copyright for detailed copyright notice.

P3dO's Mover plugin is directly inspired from Maz's Objaction Mover © Maz 1999, with personal authorization from Maz.
Maz retain all copyright for Objaction Mover program and the Objaction Mover name.

As stated in the original Objaction Mover copyright notice: This version is for personal use only.