Recent Updates
P3DO pro 2.6 R2
September 28, 2018

P3DO 2.6 R2
September 28, 2018

News - P3DO Organizer 2.7

September 24, 2019 - A fix for opening in Poser 11.2

As you may know Poser has been sold to Bondware (which imho is a very good thing). Bondware has released its second update last week, and this was their first home made build.
The problem is, you can no longer open files from P3DO into Poser with Poser 11.2.
With the help of Cabled, I was able to fix that. This is a quick update of the faulty PoserPython plugin (no update necessary in P3DO itself).

PoserPython fix for Poser 11.2
This is version 2.6 of the plugin. Should work for all versions of P3DO from 2.4.6 to 2.6 and for all versions of Poser, so far.
Download and run the setup:

PoserPython update for Poser 11.2

A word on P3DO 2.7
I will give news of incoming P3DO 2.7 next week.
At the moment I am not satisfied with the number and quality of new features. That's the reason why I am slowing things.
But I am aware that there are guys waiting for the DUF exploration.
So I will speed things and ship asap (in October).