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May 13, 2021

DUF is coming

SEP 2018
This is already the second update on 2.6. Before I had the time to post the newsletter I got the report on a nasty crash on 2.6 drag drop. So the newletter was postponed waiting for this R2 update.

It has been 2 years since last update. I have been doing Poser a lot, but I didn't have good feelings for P3DO. As you CG artist now you've got to have the inspiration to make good art.
Now I have again strong feellings for P3DO and it is not good for my Poser and Blender time :) Yeah, I am learning Blender. You may expect Blender related stuff in 2019.

This 2.6 version is a necessary refresh before adding real good stuff. P3DO had some severe issue on W10 and I had to fix this first. It took 6 frustrating months to recreate a new directory tree. But in the end it is a very promising one: light and expandable.
That's the reason why there are few new features in 2.6.
The main addition for 3D is the enhanced Wavefront Object exporter.
I sometimes get really frustrated when loading some Poser props that seem to have been designed for another software (floor and walls on same group, walls that you can't hide,...). These new options will help you quickly re-arrange those Props and also import meshes that were actually designed for other softwares :)

A word about DUF: I decided that P3DO should offer the same helpers to Daz Studio users than it does for Poser. It is an obvious decision you should say, as Daz Studio is becoming more and more popular.
So you may expect a bunch of DUF related stuff coming. More at the bottom of the newsletter.

Note: No P3DO pro license is due to expire with 2.6. 2012 through 2018 will not be taken into account in the license duration.


Go get 2.6 on the download page.
Note to Poser/DAZ users: don't forget to download 2.6 Poser plugins pack too.

2.6 new features

Wavefront Object exporter grouping options
Windows 10 fix
Favorites tree disabled
Repository is free

Wavefront Object exporter grouping options

We all know how important it is in Poser to separate vertices in logical groups. How frustrating it is to download a 3d model and not be able to use it without post editing it in a modeling software.
With these new options to the Object exporter it is possible to quickly split objects in groups.
Vertex from active materials only export those vertices belonging to the materials checked in the InDepth property panel.
Groups give the ability to name groups from materials
With this 2 new options spliting a floor, a ceiling or a door from a model room is quite easy.


Windows 10 fix

There was a crash issue on startup on some W10 machines. Fixed !
I had to write a new directory tree. The one I was using was commercial and hard to maintain. So I decided to write my own rather than trying to fix it. It has been hard work.
The new directory tree still has some limitations but it works. I will complete it steadily. I got plans for it.

For the same reason a breadcrumb bar has replaced the directory combo.
This is a great enhancement, some people prefer using this over a directory tree navigation.


Favorites tree disabled

Because of the directory tree current limitations I had to disable the Favorites on directory tree.
I was seldom using it anwyway so I will probably not put it back. Tell me what you think.
Favorites are still available from the menu and Repository view (View > Other Panels > Repository > select Favorites on the drop down).

Did you know ? There's a popup menu on the favorite menu which gives the ability to organize your Favorites without the need to call the Organize Favorites dialog.


Repository is free

Due to the removal of Favorites tree I enabled the repository to all users.
Because the Repository has a favorites navigation view, among others. This will replace the Favorites tree.
The Repository is a 2.2.8 pro addition. I am using it all the time to store my downloaded stuff before moving it to its final location.

Other additions and fix

As always there are some unlisted additions and bug fixes. Among which:
DUF tips files are now merged with the other DUF files (thumbnail and geometry)
the favorites menu popup menu has been reworked

P3dO Explorer becomes P3DO Organizer

You may have noticed that the software is not spelled P3dO anymore but P3DO using all caps.
I will also be droping the Explorer for Organizer which is a better fit for what the software does.
And third adding an hyphen between the P and D, just to emphasis the software's 3D character oriented purpose.
The whole gives P3DO standing for Photo 3D Organizer.
This will be the official name starting from 2.6 R3.

Coming next

In a word: DUF
As you may know since 2.5 P3DO has a DUF poses viewer.
The goal is now to fill the gap between DAZ Studio and Poser so that P3DO offers the same helpers to DAZ Studio users than to Poser users.
2.6 R3 will show a DUF's internal files lists: DSF, textures and scripts so that you can easily gather a DUF related content.
Of course although DUF is the primary target there are other points:
fixing the 3D viewport focus which is weird on some Poser objects.
partial poses for DUF poses.
improving search with search result sets.
adding new stuff to the ZipInstaller.
In that order and as time permits there could be more or less.
R3 will be available late November or early December.

Automatic updates notification

There's an automatic updates notification module in P3DO (see Options dialog, Updates tab).
We highly recommend that you activate P3DO Updates module.
There is also a Twitter blog to keep you informed of latests news, schedules and bug fix.


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