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January 21, 2022

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May 13, 2021

DUF poses viewing

SEP 2016
At last P3DO 2.5 is here.
It has been a while since last release, but now P3DO is back on rails for good.
This version includes many bug fixes since 2.4.6, and new stuff on Poser, Daz Studio and Luxology MODO.
These will be the 3 main axes of P3DO developement: Poser, Daz Studio and 3D file formats viewers.

Note: No P3DO pro license is due to expire on 2.5. 2012 through 2016 will not be taken into account in the license duration.


Go get 2.5 on the download page.
Note to Poser users: don't forget to download 2.5 Poser plugins pack too.

2.5 new features

DUF Poses viewing
Partial Face
Luxology MODO 3D viewing

DUF Poses viewing

Introduction of the Daz DUF file format to the P3DO exclusive list.
A Daz DUF 3D poses viewer. It works exactly like the PZ2 and BVH poses viewer.
G2/V6, G3/V7 skeleton templates have been added to the templates directory (in Repository). With DUF, Genesis figure template is detected automatically so the best is to have V4 as the default template for other poses.
It is just the beginning with DUF poses, just the beginning with DUF, and a new start for Daz Studio support in P3DO.

Partial face

Partial Poses with new features, especially for the Face.
The Face hierarchical selection makes it easy to Pose only part of the Face: eyes, brows, mouth, lips, nose, cheeks in a single click.
I recall that the P3DO partial Pose opener makes any Pose/Hand/Face a partial Pose. Also it fixes several Poser poses issues like morph targets injection, Figure XYZ move. It is simply great - I love it.

Luxology MODO 3D viewing

Just a basic mesh viewer without materials, as of today. The LXO loader is not finished yet. Works for simple mesh but lacks translation, scaling and rotation for complex meshes, and materials support as well.
I am still working on these, the complete viewer will be available in December. Or on request if you can't wait till next update.


Poser compressed viewing from archives

The Poser compressed family (CRZ, PPZ, HRZ, P2Z,...) are now also opened for viewing from archives.
Note that PoserPython already has this for Poses, Hands and Faces.

Other additions and fix

XMP PMD DUF hidden like other Poser/Daz sub-files. DUF TIP.PNG will be done in next version.
faster 3D loading
customizable thumbnail size (up to 1024)
ZIP context menu back to 2.4 version, and thus faster.
7zip format added to the supported archives viewers.


2.5.2 is scheduled in December.
more DUF stuff.
more MODO stuff.
improved search with search result sets.
multi-monitor support.

Automatic updates notification
There's an automatic updates notification module in P3DO (see Options dialog, Updates tab).
We highly recommend that you activate P3DO Updates module.
There is also a Twitter blog to keep you informed of latests news, schedules and bug fix.


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